THE X FACTOR “Results Show 6” Review

X Factor (itv) Results Show 6

THE X FACTOR UK “Results Show 6” – It’s boyband night as JLS, who are still around, Westlife, who should be in a nursing home, and Take That, who I thought were dead, take the X Factor stage to sing really sombre songs with smirks on their faces about how they love us and love is everywhere. Oh, and someone will get eliminated. Only one thing is for certain: it will not be Katie.

The group song is called Can’t Stop Moving. They don’t even bother to attempt miming.

JLS sings a song on a wedding cake. It’s called Love You More. Blergh. It’s the most boring thing I’ve ever…oh wait, it’s the official single fr Children In Need. Crap. I’m so going to hell.

Westlife sing a song called Safe. I used to like Westlife (in my defence I was nine, which is actually quite creepy). The only one I liked was Mark. Figures.

Take That and Robbie Williams sing a song about a Flood. Nice lighting. I want the X Factor lighting.

Time for the results! Aiden and Katie are in the bottom two! Katie will go home now that there’s someone people sort of like. Or at least I thought people liked Aiden.

Aiden sings Don’t Dream It’s Over. Wow, this is pretty dire. But he’s against Katie, so…well, maybe she’s this year’s Jedward turbo-charged. This is actually a pretty exciting elimination.

Katie sings Save Me From Myself. Much better song choice. This is terribly squirmy, isn’t it? Is she asking for a mercy killing? Or a mercy saving? Cheryl looks confused: Cheryl this is what you should pick for Katie, not Saturday Night’s All Right For Fighting. No one, and I mean not even the bacteria between your toes, wants to sing that song.

Simon chooses Katie! Ah yes, see all the money he’ll save on tabloid publicity. Cheryl saves Katie too, which means Deadlock or Aiden is a goner. Danni saves Aiden. Predictable! And Louis saves Aiden, which means Deadlock.

Dermot gets the envelope. Ooh this is exciting. Katie looks like her head will explode. Aiden looks like he wants to crunch Katie’s hands. Aiden is going home! Well, I’m sure nothing will be made of this over the week. Tip on home Katie, a job well done. And see Aiden: there can only be one cute guy in the race. See you…well, actually, will he be going on the tour? Did he just miss the cut?

What did you think of the eliminations? Shocking! Horrific? Awesome? Sound off in the comments below!

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