FAMILY GUY “Baby, You Knock Me Out” Review

FAMILY GUY Baby, You Knock Me Out (FOX)

FAMILY GUY “Baby, You Knock Me Out” Season 9 Episode 5 – When Peter goes out for a night of Foxy Boxing for his birthday, he uses his handy hand and forearm to force Lois to fight in the ring. Lois taps into a primal well of anger and soon enough she’s knocking out boxers and training like mad.

Brian, concerned for her health, tries to intervene and wants to know what on earth could have her so aggressive: on cue in comes Peter asking for his flapjacks: “It was a simple message, yes it has gone unheeded. For every five seconds I have gone without flapjacks, I shall break one window.”

That is why she needs to fight. I loved that Lois was given a storyline not quite about her family.

Within no time all of this anger leads to her becoming the top fighter in Quahog. Peter is horrified to find out that he is the brunt of Lois’ fighting passion.

Just when she was about to throw in the towel, Deirdre Jackson shows up and milks Peter, forcing Lois to accept one last fight, even though Deirdre has killed three people, Lois is determined to fight her, despite her threat to kill Lois. Peter tries to stop Lois from going out but Lois refuses: “Peter, she milked your boobs.” That settles it. So it’s Deirdre Action Jackson and The Ovarian Barbarian and the Breast of All Time Lois in the match to make history in Quahog. After fighting and failing, Lois wins by knocking out Deirdre Jackson and she ends up retiring in glory.

Lois has never been my favorite character, by I was surprised by how funny this episode was and how much I enjoyed it.

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