DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES “Sorry Grateful” Review


DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES “Sorry Grateful” Season 7 Episode 8 – Now that we know for certain that Felicia Tillman is Beth’s mother, there’s some devious plotting to be hatched and some vengeance to be eacted.

It’s Thanksgiving, and time for the neighbours to wreck havoc for each other and be grateful for it. Gabby is having a Mexican dinner, so it’s nice that Carlos is there to help. Renee invites Lynette over for dinner, who asks if Susan can join them: “I suppose it is a time to be thankful. And I’m thankful I’m not her.” Bree invites Keith’s mother over for dinner, even after first meeting fiasco.

Carlos and Gabby fight when she forgets the pies and Hector offers to drive her to the bakery. Renee, Lynette, Tom and Susan have dinner whilst the children eat in the driveway.

Gabby gets Hector arrested when she forces him to drive on the shoulder. He is arrested by the police and it turns out Hector and Carmen are probably illegals. Carmen takes Grace and flees to her house, possibly never to see Gabby again…well, until she offers her house as a sort of safe house.

Susan’s mommy instinct kicks and she plays football to infiltrate the Scavos’ and stop Page’s crying. You have to love the reaction of her son and Penny: ugh. This loon again. Keith’s parents spend the dinner bickering. They bring Bree into it, so Keith thinks Bree told his mother to get a divorce, of course. Thank god for Mrs McClusky and Roy.

Susan takes the oppurtunity to stop Page’s crying because her kid is crying and everyone is cry. Blah.

It was a horrifically dull episode, little drama and no comedy outside of the Solis family, who always deliver. Eva Longoria’s snub from the Emmys is one of the most ironic things in recent television.

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