BOARWALK EMPIRE “Belle Femme” Review


BOARDWALK EMPIRE “Belle Femme” Season 1 Episode 9 – Belle Femme means beaufitul woman, and in is also the name of Madame Jeunet’s shop in the Ritz. It’s being closed down since it’s too expensive to be kept running. Margaret sets out to help her former employer by persuading Nucky to keep it running: eventually she persuades him by telling him that it’s the only place she trusts to find good clothing. Well, I suppose agreeing to try and help Nucky secure the women’s vote helped grease the deal. One of the best moments of the show was when Madam Jeunet expresses her gratitude to Margaret. The look on Kelly Macdonald’s face: priceless.

Several things go down in this episode as the finale looms closer and closer. Jimmy arrives home and interrupts his common law wife from possibly having a threesome (they do it in Paris) with Robert and Mary. Angela tries to give him the cold shoulder, but he subdues her and they end up having sex on the table. Tensions between Angela and Jimmy remain at breakfast the next morning, and Jimmy decides to have another baby. Jimmy consults his son: “You want a little brother, champ?” “Yeah!” “Yeah? Then it’s settled!” The joy on Angela’s face.

Jimmy and his mother Gillian make possibly the sickest crime team as she sleeps with Luciano and steals his gun. Jimmy throws hot coffee on him and takes him for a ride: they’re interrupted by Van Alden, who arrests Jimmy.

Eli identifies his shooters, but things are getting complicated. A guy called Fletcher is running for mayor in Atlantic City and he is accusing the current mayor and sheriff’s offices of corruption, something which has never made the papers. Now Eli may have to account for why he was in the casino.

Nucky goes to Commodore for advice; Commodore is dying. I know, try not to get all choked up.

The witness against Jimmy, Billy, is taken by Van Alden’s right hand man to a jail in Manhatten, to be kept out of Nucky’s reach. This turns out horrifically, as Billy is killed and Van Alden’s partner strikes himself with a rock, to make it seem like Billy attacked him. Ouch.

Finally, Nucky and Margaret are shot at on the boardwalk. The episode ends with Margaret’s $480 dress stained with the blood of an innocent woman.

Plots are simmering, waiting to be brought to a boil. The first few bubbles spat out at the end of this episode and I cannot wait for the next.

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