90210 “They’re Playing Her Song” Review

90210 "They're Playing Her Song"

90210 “They’re Playing Her Song” Season 3 Episode 9 – They are definitely singing her song, and now it is going to Ade’s head just as I predicted. I am sure it is hard to be thrown into the spotlight like that, especially for a teenager, but Adrianna should be somewhat used to it, being a child actor and all. So why the change now? It is one thing to blow off your boyfriend for an interview with Ryan Seacrest, but to only offer 5 minutes of your time during a dinner that was supposed to be just the two of you, is a bit much. Is anyone else reminded of Naomi and Liam? Remember when Naomi kept blowing him off and Liam went right to Annie who listened? Welcome to Navid and Silver. Personally, I am a fan. I think they are a much more interesting couple.

Speaking of Navid, how awful is his family storyline? His father blames him for his illegal actitivies, mainly that he got caught. Then he flees to Iran leaving his entire family behind to deal with the publicity and likely financial aftermath. I think that proves just what type of person he really is, not a good one.

Teddy is back and trying to deal with the conflict inside of him. He blows off the guys to spend time at a gay bar, although a bit uncomfortably. Even more uncomfortable when he discovers he doesn’t have a wallet. Ian to the rescue. Does anyone else think Ian is the greatest guy ever? He is so patient with Teddy, someone who was so cruel to him. For anyone, that would be a great feat, let alone a high school guy. I think Teddy can learn a lot from Ian. They are already growing closer with Teddy sharing his first crush and the reason he left boarding school. I know I had my doubts originally, but I think the writers are handling the Teddy storyline perfectly. It is slow, but not too slow. He is conflicted and acting out somewhat, but it seems so natural. What do you think?

Annie and her mother, Debbie, were both seeking out the same thing, they just didn’t know it. Sex. As awkward as it was at first between Debbie and Ryan, I like them together. Annie, on the other hand, taking Naom’s “advice” Annie decides to strut out in her underwear in Charlie’s house and unknowingly in front of his roommates. Would anyone seriously take advice from Naomi on how to “lock down a man”? When has she ever done that? And any advice that begins with “crotchless” underwear, probably doesn’t end well.

Here is what I would like to happen this season: I want the Teddy and Ian storyline to progress as it is. I would be happy if they just remain good friends. I want Navid and Silver to end up together and for Ade to move on to someone else, although not a girl again. Heck, Ade can stay single and be famous. That would also work. Debbie and Ryan seem good together so I wouldn’t mind that. They need to nix the Ivy being one of the girls scenario as it even makes me uncomfortable. As for the rest of the characters, I am kind of up in the air right now. What do you think should happen? Tell us your predictions or desires for plotlines, as well as your thoughts on this episode of 90210 in the comment section below.

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