BOARDWALK EMPIRE “Belle Femme” Episode 9


Watch a sneak peek and some new photos of the upcoming episode of HBO’s new drama series BOARDWALK EMPIRE “Belle Femme” Episode 9 which airs on HBO Nov 14.

Episode Synopsis: BOARDWALK EMPIRE “Belle Femme” Episode 9 – Nucky braces for war with a rival faction; Jimmy (Michael Pitt) stands by his alibi; Margaret (Kelly Macdonald) helps out Madame Jeunet (Anna Katarina). Written by Steve Kornacki; directed by Brad Anderson.

Show Summary: From Terence Winter, Emmyr Award-winning writer of “The Sopranos,” and Academyr Award-winning director Martin Scorsese, BOARDWALK EMPIRE is set in Atlantic City at the dawn of Prohibition, when the sale of alcohol became illegal throughout the United States.

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