AMERICAN DAD “Stan’s Food Restaurant” Review

AMERICAN DAD “Stan’s Food Restaurant” Season 7 Episode 4 – Who doesn’t want a restaurant that serves chocolate chip meatballs on a pancake plate? So begins the dream of Stan who wants to open the restaurant that gave him a glimmer of happiness after his father left him as a child. Of course Stan doesn’t know the first thing about opening a restaurant so he enlists the help of Roger, who also doesn’t know anything about the restaurant business. The result is less Stan’s dream and more Roger’s imagining of what a successful restaurant would be.

I myself wondered how successful a restaurant that served Raisinet carbonara and ravioli hamburgers would be with people over the age of 10, but Stan did seem to have a hit on his hands. Perhaps it was the all American theme or the waiter turned Chippendale dancer that did it. I guess we will never know since Roger blew the place up.

This episode had a lot of fun moments. I loved when Stan made Francine take the wheel of the car so he could “reflectively look out the window” while telling his story about the restaurant. Then he did the same thing in the attic with Roger. My favorite line of Roger’s was when Stan asked him where his restaurant dream was after seeing Roger’s version and Roger replied, “It is in your head where it belongs. Because it is stupid.”

The other storyline from tonight’s episode was Steve and Snot double dating with the new slutty girl and her friend who turned out to be a bit plastic. Just when I thought that the show had reached its limit of gags with the doll, they just kept coming. My favorite was when Snot took the doll to planned parenthood. Talk about being a true wingman! (Even if he was bribed). It also shows what great lengths teenage boys will go to in order to have sex. Faking the suicide of a doll? Brilliant. Too bad they didn’t know what Julia’s handwriting looked like.

What did you think of this week’s episode of American Dad? I liked the idea about the fear of following your dream. After all, as Stan said, if it doesn’t work, it is no longer a dream. What was your favorite moment or line? I think mine might have to be Roger impersonating every single person in his empty restaurant including a man off the street trying to use the bathroom. I think this was one of the better American Dad epsiodes I have seen in a while. What did you think? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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