SMALLVILLE “Abandoned” Review

Smallville "Abandoned" (CW)

SMALLVILLE “Abandoned” Season 10 episode 8 – If movies and tv shows have taught us anything, it’s that there is nothing creepier than a ballerina music box. Another thing they’ve taught us? Granny Goodness is so not a name for a good guy.

Nor, for that matter, did Lois, who laments her mother’s death and, even moreso, that she had refused to visit her in the hospital. Lois slips on the video tape (remember those) and Teri Hatcher pops on screen. After running out of the room screaming, I reluctantly returned and realized she wasn’t as scary as she usually is, especially when she’s restricted to an ego-containing television box. All in all, the promos for Teri Hatcher’s guest appearance was all much ado about nothing. Erica Durance, once again proving herself one of the best actors in the show, wordlessly commanded the emotion of the entire scene.

Meanwhile, a music box leads Tess and Clark to St Louise’s Orphanage. Clark and Tess find out that the orphaned girls are made to forget their parents and are then trained as elite soldiers.

It’s not long before Tess and Clark find themselves in a bit of a pickle: Tess is locked up by Granny Goodness (Christine Willes) whilst Clark is chained up by Granny Goodness’ forces, let by Harriet (Lindsay Hartley, wife of the Green Arrow). Tess escapes, but is soon thwarted by whip girl and Harriet. Luckily Clark rescues her before she dies. And then they leave.

Lois, thanks to her mothers’ last words, decides to reunite Jor-El with Kal-El. Once again, Durance made some stiff lines of dialogue work wonderfully. At long last Clark is reunited with both parents-well, a hologram of his parent, who deliver a message of love and encouragement to their son.

The Unholy Trinity, Bind, Breaks and Banishes (okay, clear, but I quite like alliteration) meet in anticipation of Darkseid’s coming.

This may have been the highlight of the episode, then Clark popped out the engagement ring. I really hope he pops the question soon: I don’t think I could take five or six episodes of will he, won’t he teasing.

Oh, and we also learn than Tess is the daughter of Lionel Luthor and Pamela Jenkins, who kindly shipped her off the the orphanage. Wow. Lutessa. if the orphanage wasn’t proof enough they disliked their daughter, they named her Lutessa. Evil.

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