MEDIUM “Smoke Damage” Review

MEDIUM Smoke Damage  (CBS)

MEDIUM “Smoke Damage” Season 7 Episode 8 – When Allison has a dream about a girl trapped in a burning building, all of the clues point to a fireman, or, to be more precise, a top-dog, first in, last out, very distinguished super fireman. Elsewhere, Devalos is offered a rung on the career ladder but an old friend and future rival threatens his privacy.

A major twist comes when the fireman who killed the girl is actually the girl’s father. The other twist? The girl was not such a sweetheart; she was a druggie whose junkie boyfriend mugged a college student.

On the Allison front, this probably won’t go down as one of the best Medium episodes. The fireman was a contract killer, and the scene in which Allison interviewed the fireman’s ex-wife was a little preposterous: what kind of woman opens the door to a complete stranger accusing her husband of murder and asking for a piece of her dead daughter’s DNA? What?

I loved Allison murmuring “Cha-cha-changes” and of course no episode of Medium is complete without an Allison-Joe pep talk, in this case Joe comforted her by calling her an “inspiration to manic depressives everywhere”. I’m not sure I buy (though I can totally understand) her wish to return to school for a law degree. I mean, come on Allison. How many criminals have you locked away? How many people have you saved?

Elsewhere, Devalos is offered an endorsement by the mayor. Fearing that a potential rival will divulge his dirty laundry, Devalos is tempted not to accept the offer-until his wife snaps some sense into him. She is tougher than nails and ready for a fight. Em…where has she been all this time?

I cannot wait to see how Devalos’ campaign will turn out, especially what it will mean for Allison. Will the new ADA be hired by the next episode? I’m curious to see how they will react to Allison’s visions. What did you think of this episode? Sound off in the comments below!

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