BLUE BLOODS “Chinatown” Review


BLUE BLOODS “Chinatown” Season 1 Episode 8 – In this episode Jamie comes under investigation from IA and we get to see how the family deals with being “celebrities” amongst the NYPD. Like Jamie told his niece after she announced her plans to become the first female Reagan police officer (which personally I thought was awesome), in their family if you wear a badge you’re not just a cop, you’re a Reagan too.

The Templar storyline is growing on me slightly, now that it’s starting to heat up a bit. But what I hope now is that maybe Danny gets involved too, as I’d like to see the family work together on it. Plus I’m just not feeling that Jamie is strong enough to take it on all on his own. He’s still coming off as the kid brother to me so when I see him meeting with strange people and looking stuff up on his computer, I want his brother to walk in and protect him, kinda like the way Erin described Danny when they were kids.

Also was I the only one surprised at how easily Jamie and Sydney broke up? I know their relationship wasn’t perfect once he’d decided to change careers but still, that was super fast.

Overall this was a pretty good episode though I gotta admit that the preview for next week looks even better.

My favorite bits…

Sydney asking Jamie if he thought he was invincible. I think she had a very good point.

Danny saying the place where the girls were being held was “Like Aunt Sally’s at Thanksgiving, only times ten.”

Totally agreeing with Jamie that it was a bit odd that they couldn’t find any witnesses to corroborate his story but they found people who saw him talking to the FBI chick? Wow, that’s bad luck.

The smile Danny gave Jackie when they put the guy in the back of the car. I’m really enjoying this partnership more and more.

Henry telling Frank the story about when IA was investigating Frank back when Henry was commissioner.

Erin talking to her daughter how she never felt the call to be a cop but serves the law in a different way. I loved hearing that from her as I was curious what made her go that direction.

Jamie’s partner claiming that he told IA Jamie wore women’s clothes every day.

Danny and Jackie making bets on what the doctor’s wife’s maiden name was.

Nicki making her special announcement at the family dinner table and watching who was happy by the decision and who wasn’t so happy.

What did you think of this episode of Blue Bloods? Got any favorite bits or least favorite bits of your own? I’d love to hear from you!

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