THE GOOD GUYS “The Getaway” Review

The Good Guys (FOX) The Getaway

THE GOOD GUYS “The Getaway” Season One Episode 17 – Jack and Liz’s weekend getaway goes awry when Jack gets suspicious of the bed and breakfast’s owner and inadvertently involves Dan in the “The Getaway” episode of THE GOOD GUYS.

Is there anything Dan/Bradley Whitford can’t make funny? I love his fluorescently painted suit and how he gets info out of Samantha. “I live on the down low. I was born on the down low. You write down low on an envelope, lick a stamp, stick it on that puppy, and drop it in a mailbox, it comes to me.” His slide across the dining room table as he nabs Carson only to pop up munching bacon and wanting a high five is perfection, his making comforter angels is simply surreal, and his miming spraying Hodges with spray paint at the end is a terrific small moment. I love the anything for a laugh nature of The Good Guys–the show never takes itself too seriously and the cast always looks like its having fun.

It’s always good to see Michael Weston, and Carson is one of the more interesting criminals of the week with his affable charm and timidity re: his wife. “If we’re robbing a check cashing place and you don’t want me to kill that guard, I will try really hard not to kill that guard.” Come on now, if that isn’t true love, what is? The criminals are often the weakest part of the show, but I really like this trio of idiots. They balance each other well and bring a lot of humor tonight. “I won’t be locked up with my sister, will I?” Scary thought.

“It’s times like this I understand why Jack loves you so much even though you never put out.” Hee, Dan–way to cut to the chase. I like Liz (“Speaking of a woman with rage issues.”) and Jack together and think they have good chemistry, so I hope her awesomely telling him, “Now go bust me some punks, baby” means that they can finally just be together and not have the show focus on a will they-won’t they-will they still dance (what chance did Liz have after she heard that voice mail, anyway? Oh, and how much did Colin Hanks sound like his father there? Wow.). Of course, Jack and Liz moments interrupted by Dan will always be welcome–by me, if not by Liz. “I’ve gotta get you some coffee. You can’t pass up this kind of sexortunity.”

Favorite Dan lines: “Call me on my cellular testicle shrinker,” “I`m going to take a little hussy bath,” “Crime is my coffee,” “No woman wants to see a man’s foot knuckles,” “It’s like alien music from the future–make it stop, Jacko, make it stop!”

Another fun episode of The Good Guys. Whenever I sit down to watch the show, I love knowing I’ll laugh. The massage table scene is ridiculous and so, so funny, and of course there’s a good car chase. Some things you can always count on. Look, this show isn’t solving the world’s problems or even breaking any new ground, but it is such an entertaining and fun hour of television–what more can you ask for, really? It’s too bad more people haven’t been watching.

What did were your favorite moments in the episode? What do you think about the Liz and Jack relationship? Please post in the comments.
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