THE BIG BANG THEORY “The 21-second Excitation” Review

The Big Bang Theory

THE BIG BANG THEORY “The 21-second Excitation” Season 4 Episode 8 – This week’s episode shows us a night in the life of the boys and the gals. The boys try to watch a showing of Raiders of the Lost Ark at the local theater (and are thwarted by Sheldon’s nemesis, Wil Wheaton) and the girls – Penny, Bernadette and Amy – have a girly night in.

I loved the boys’ storyline this episode, their little movie geek-outs warm my heart. 21 seconds of new Raiders footage? I probably wouldn’t go to see it in the theater just for that – but then I would probably be going anyway because it’s Raiders of the Lost Ark in the theatre. I wasn’t even born when that first came out!

Clearly, I was always going to like that part of the episode, especially since it featured Wil Wheaton. I have to go on record here and say something that will ruin my already questionable geek cred: I liked Wesley Crusher and Jar Jar Binks. Seriously, how can you judge Jar Jar so harshly when episodes 1-3 where so cheesetastic as a whole? Anyway, Wheaton’s impression of Jar Jar was hilarious and it was great to see him back, even if his acting seems to become more wooden with time. Whatever happened to the kid who played Gordie Lachance, Wheaton?

(Bonus points for the obvious plot reference to The Guild season 3 in this episode.)

The girls’ storyline was weak. I wanted to like it, but Amy really is only tolerable in small doses – and this wasn’t a small enough dose. It was going well up until the girls night actually started and then it just…flopped. While it’s easy to make fun of Sheldon’s social awkwardness, Amy’s awkwardness only served to make her really creepy this episode. (This was probably summed up entirely by the last scene of the episode where she tries to give Penny a, uh, happy ending.) I like Bernadette and Penny interacting because the latter offsets the formers strangeness. With Amy thrown into the mix the balance just wasn’t there. I hope this won’t be a regular thing.

Howard’s Mom-watch: Nothing from Ms Wolowitz again this week. Should we start worrying?

Quote of the episode: Sheldon – “I informed you thusly.”

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