SUPERNATURAL “All Dogs Go To Heaven” Review

SUPERNATURAL (CW) Live Free Or Twihard

SUPERNATURAL “All Dogs Go To Heaven” Season 6 Episode 8 – I know I’m probably going to get even less love from the Sam lovers out there for this, but I gotta say that I am seriously liking Sam more and more these days. For some reason this lack of soul thing has me looking at him in ways I never did before. Is it because without a soul he’s a bit more like Dean with the wisecracks, the movie references and being a stone cold hunter? I honestly don’t know. He’s coming off as being tougher than nails, but I’m not necessarily seeing that as a character flaw. At least it’s not a flaw all of the time since sometimes it can even help to get the job done.

Another thing this episode proved to me is that even with only one soul between them, Sam and Dean still make one freaking awesome team. I mean c’mon, they took out an entire sleeper cell of skinwalking dogs all by themselves. Though one thing I will say against my man is that I do wish Dean would stop constantly telling Sam that he’s “not Sam”. I think after the first three or four times, Sam got it. Let’s hope that the conversation at the end of the episode will see that happening a lot less now. At least Sam was straight with him, which is what he kept asking for.

Overall I’m still enjoying this season a lot and now that I’ve seen the preview for next week I’m also looking forward to what looks like it could be one of those “comedy” episodes we all love. I can’t wait to see if I’m right.

My favorite bits…

Crowley asking Dean to give Bobby a kiss for him. What? He didn’t get enough the first time?

Kinda cringing at the image that popped into my head when Dean said “Crowley is so far up our asses we’re coughing sulphur”. Thanks Dean. LOL, but yeah… ick.

Sam calling the detective a “mouth breathing dick monkey”. Haha!

Hey, at least there’s a benefit to the fact that Sam can’t sleep – extra research time. Go Sam!

Dean calling Sam “Robocop”. Love it.

Dean wanting to make sure the guy was the alpha before “handing him over to a lifetime of demon rape”. Wow, again with the cringe-worthy images. Gotta love Dean’s way with words.

Sam quoting Ghostbusters. Wow, he’s totally becoming Dean.

Sam asking Dean if he would be able to turn the woman in to Crowley if it turned out to be her.

The sight of the dog watching the news. Yeah I know it was the skinwalker but still, it was still pretty feaking hilarious.

Being hella impressed at the way Sam jumped that fence.

Dean scrolling past Lisa’s name on his phone, but not calling her. Oh dear..

This bit was awesome!
Dean: “We can do this the easy way or the hard way”
(Dean holds up nasty looking collar and Sam laughs)
Sam: “What? Soul or not, that’s funny.”

As was this bit.
Lucky: “Go to Hell”
Sam: “Already been, didn’t agree with me.”

The look on Sam’s face when Lucky called him a dick. I think he’s more used to hearing people call Dean that, not him.

LOVING the sight of Dean with that sniper rifle. I mean seriously, it must be wrong to enjoy it as much as I did.

Sam just marching into that room and blowing away the skinwalker leader. Wow!

Actually feeling a little sorry for Lucky in the end.

Sam talking about who he used to be and how it was harder then, but he still thinking he should be that guy again.

What did you think of this episode of Supernatural? Where do you weigh in on the whole “old Sam” versus “new Sam” debate? Got any favorite bits or least favorite bits of your own? I’d love to hear from you!

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