NIKITA “One Way” Review

Nikita (CW) - One Way

NIKITA “One Way” Season 1 Episode 9 – Holy moly! There is a lot going on in tonight’s episode of NIKITA. Unfortunately the mission goes wrong on all fronts and in every possible manner. Michael goes on an unofficial mission to pursue terrorists, one of whom murdered his family. After asking Alex to look up Michael’s tracker location, Nikita shows up in Uzbekistan to help. (Nikita is so polite when she renders a person unconscious.) But seeing Nikita with Michael, Percy uses the opportunity to try to kill Nikita. (Percy doesn’t trust Michael.) Alex gets caught snooping and has to involve Jaden to get out of it. (Alex is nice to not blame Nikita for neglecting her in a time of need.)

The episode “One Way” shows that there are two sides to every person. Kasim is a helpful informant, until he turns traitor by killing Michael’s wife and daughter (shocking revelation!). (Haaz Sleiman is great as Kasim. I hope he’ll be back soon for a showdown.) For Michael’s sake, Percy is understanding about carrying out a mission under the radar, until he sees a chance to kill Nikita. Michael’s concern for Nikita’s safety turns to murderous hatred when she stops him from getting revenge. And Alex seems ever the ingenue but proves as wily and crafty as Nikita, in order to get out of a tough situation. In tonight’s episode, the characters experience the gamut of emotions, from happy to fear to anger to sadness. It is a welcome contrast to the depressing energy of Division. The action sequences are also particularly exciting, since the outcomes aren’t immediately evident. If that is Maggie Q fighting the whole time (right before Division men come to kill her), she is unnaturally flexible!

The show is clever in how it suddenly changes the dynamic between Nikita and Michael, opening new doors for future episodes. Now it isn’t just a physical separation between them, but an emotional division as well. I think that this will be better for keeping tension in the plot and keeping the story fresh. The whole storyline of Nikita saving Michael and letting him live (and vice versa) really is getting a bit old. Plus I never have felt much romantic chemistry between Nikita and Michael. I like them better as flirty friends. This is just enough to present Michael’s caring human side, making his switch back as Percy’s trusting minion, and Nikita’s complete enemy, even more disappointing. (Will Michael trust Percy now?) However, I do like the pairing of Nikita and Owen, so if previews are accurate I look forward to the next episode of Nikita with anticipation.

What are your thoughts about episode 9 “One Way” of Nikita?