Mark Valley Teases HUMAN TARGET Season Two

Mark Valley

FOX’s action-drama HUMAN TARGET returns for its second season on Wednesday, November 17, and while its core trio of Christopher Chance (Mark Valley), Winston (Chi McBride), and Guerrero (Jackie Earle Haley) are back and as terrific as ever, the show has made some changes. Matt Miller (Chuck, Las Vegas) has taken over as executive-producer, and he has promised a more character-driven show. To that end he has added new characters: Ilsa Pucci (Indira Varma, Luther, Rome), a billionaire philanthropist widow who seeks Chance’s help and Ames (Janet Montgomery, Entourage), a young thief who gets involved with the team.

The center of the show remains Mark Valley as Christopher Chance, the former assassin turned security expert/private contractor/bodyguard. Daemon’s TV was there when Mark answered questions about what he thinks about the changes, the possibility that Chance is getting a love interest, and what challenges him in playing Chance. There are plenty of teasers, but no specific spoilers.

On changes for the second season

Mark’s overall answer to what changes we’ll see in the second season is more: more characters, more humor, and more stunts and martial arts with bigger explosions.

Breaking it down, in terms of character development, Mark said “[The guys] are trying to catch up to themselves now. We’ve thrown some octane into the mix and the company is bigger than they ever expected.” They’ll need to figure out how to deal with that.

Mark teased that “Some relationships will be enhanced; some will be challenged.” He added that with the new characters, there is a lot more material character-wise. One thing we will definitely see, according to Mark, is that the characters’ relationships are based on need. “We all need each other, so we get together.” He added that Chance really is a team player who enjoys working with people he likes and trusts.”

In terms of stunts, Mark said, “The explosions are a little bigger. The fight sequences aren’t as long as they were last season, but they’re more intense.”

There really is more humor. “We’re doing the nuts and bolts shoot ’em up stuff that Human Target is known for but with more humor,” Mark explained. “We have more fun things to do and more things to react to. We’re having a lot of fun.” He added they are being encouraged to find good places to add humor.

On adding Indira Varma and Janet Montgomery to the cast

Mark said he loves having the new characters of Ilsa Pucci and Ames on the show and thinks they add new depth. “It was a party with three guys sitting watching TV, but now these two women show up and we have to change the channel. It really brings in some inherent conflict and the excitement that women bring to three guys.”

According to Mark, the premiere “pulls everything together brilliantly.” Ilsa shows up as a wealthy widow who wants to hire the best to protect herself. He said, “She gets the team back together because she needs them.”

Ames is a young thief the team meets during the course of their mission, and Mark said, “We see a bit of ourselves in her.” The guys realize that she is at a crossroads and she can either go “to the dark side of the force” or use her talents for good, so they bring her into the fold.

Mark called Indira and Janet “great actresses” who are each filling a need in the show.

On a love interest for Chance

When asked about a spoiler sheet from Matt Miller that mentioned that Chance would be getting a love interest, Mark first joked, “There’s not a lot of time for love interests when the bullets are flying,” but then said that there will be a love interest that neither character expects, though he wanted to make sure fans didn`t worry about the show being disrupted.

According to Mark, there will be “moral one-upsmanship” between Chance and Ilsa and he noted that they come from very different sides of the track, though they will learn they have more similarities than they might have expected. He said they will be a “slow burn” with their interest in each other “developing from the place of understanding who each other is rather than from looking for love.” Their relationship will be based on trust, respect, and need.

Most importantly, Mark assured us that, “It’s not turning into Cheers with Diane. We’re not going to lose Chance or the relationship with these three guys.”

On what Mark finds interesting and challenging about playing Chance

The physical aspects still challenge Mark. He said that he still has to learn something new with each stunt and he joked that his stunt double Jeff Robinson is improving faster than he is.

In terms of character, Mark pointed to Chance’s past as an assassin versus his present as fascinating for him. “That this character has had the past that he has and still can have a sparkle and charm and cheer people up with a positive attitude about humanity” is something he likes exploring. He also noted Chance’s compassion and empathy as interesting facets of Chance’s personality.

On Chance’s shortcomings

Mark thinks Chance’s biggest shortcoming is a lack of patience. He laughed and said, “Every episode he’s like `Where are the bad guys and why can’t we go get them right now?'”

Apparently this season we’ll also begin to see that Chance doesn’t know everything the way he sometimes thinks he does and we will see him make mistakes. Mark described a scene in the premiere where they’re in a Swiss bank and he thinks he yells “Get down on the floor” in French, but he’s really telling them to get in the basement. Mark said Chance then gets his point across by shooting his gun.

On working with Chi McBride and Jackie Earle Haley

Mark loves working with both Chi and Jackie. He said Chi “is a perfectionist and has a photographic memory” and that he “has a sense of timing and rhythm that gives his work a fluidity.” He added that he’s “a really sweet man with a powerful presence.”

Mark’s impressed by Jackie Earle Haley’s being able to work as a child actor and then become an Oscar nominee (for 2006’s Little Children). He said he loves watching Jackie work and said that all three of them bring their own rhythms to the show and that they just click together.

The second season of Human Target premieres on FOX Wednesday, November 17 at 8pm/7 central. You can find all of our Human Target coverage here.

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