GREY’S ANATOMY “Something’s Gotta Give” Review

GREY'S ANATOMY "Something's Gotta Give"

GREY’S ANATOMY “Something’s Gotta Give” Season 7 Episode 8 – This week’s episode of Grey’s Anatomy was truly about tipping points as tensions came to a head. Something does have to give at Seattle Grace because the staff is a mess.

First, let’s start with Karev. We find out that he went back home because his brother had been diagnozed schizophrenia and had tried to kill his sister while his mother did nothing as she was off her meds. Having your brother committed and then barely spending any time with your traumatized sister and crazy acting mother would take a toll on someone. However, this is the same old song and dance we hear with Karev time and time again. He always has to care for people. The women he likes are always crazy or needy or unable to care for themselves. Get some therapy, dude! Seriously, we can see the potential he has as a surgeon, particularly a peds surgeon, but it is going to be lost in his sour attitude and inability to act like a human being. I don’t care what your problems are, never should you think it is a good idea to take a woman’s virginity in the call room of a hospital and then get angry that she wants to slow it down a bit, being her first time and all. Good for Avery for punching him, he needed a wake up call.

However, Avery needs a wake up call of his own. He has gotten it in his head that no one wants to work with him so he keeps rotating attendings to get in someone’s good graces. However, his issues are so deep that he cannot even see when he has done something good, automatically thinking he messed up or someone will think he messed up or accuse him of messing up. You know Dr. Bailey was not going to blame him for what happened to her patient. She was just sad the patient was lost. Yet, he over reacts and starts yelling at her. I fear he is going to alienate everyone at the hospital or, worse yet, they are going to start believing what he is saying, that he cannot do anything right.

Speaking of not doing anything right, where does Derek get off blaming Teddy entirely for Yang quitting the program? Yes, Yang was on her team, but that was not the only person Yang worked with, especially recently. Every attending tried to snap her out of her funk with no success. In fact, Derek was one of them. When he started grilling Teddy about not putting her under so much pressure, I wanted to scream “she is supposed to be a surgeon not a middle school child!” How can a surgeon not be under pressure? And the truth is, she did what she was supposed to do under the circumstances. Her skills were there, her mental status was not. How was Teddy supposed to fix that? Perhaps Derek just recognizes the same turmoil he went through after the shooting. At least he was wise enough not to do an intervention with Yang, but just talk to her about renovations and let her work it out. Irresponsible shopping is much better than reckless driving. I have to say though, if they don’t do something about Yang soon, I will write her off as a character. Nobody wants to watch a dancing Yang. Callie is right, it is disturbing.

This episode had some great lines and moments like when Callie let Yang cut her hair for some reason. Why I will never know. But it did produce this conversational gem: “Do you even cut hair?” “No, I don’t know why you let me do that.” I also liked all of the guessing about who the secret patient in the hospital was, although that plot itself was not very interesting. When Avery asked, “Is it the President? The Vice President?….Bono?” I laughed and I laughed even harder when Bailey did her aside to ask if it was Bono after just looking at Avery minutes before like he was an idiot for asking. I also liked the addition of the new peds surgeon, Dr. Stark. Such a difference from Arizona. Does anyone else think, though, that he is a lot closer to Karev in his attitude and his lack of interaction with the children? It will be interesting to watch him and Karev together, especially if he keeps stealing Karev’s ideas.

What did you think of this week’s episode of Grey’s Anatomy? What should they do with Yang at this point? How many more episodes are we going to be subjected to her dancing and shopping and doing nothing? Although I have to say the firehouse is looking pretty terrific. Do you think April will survive her encounter with Karev? It seemed to really mess her up. Will Derek ever stop blowing people off in the hospital so he can have sex with his wife in the call room? Can’t they just do that at home? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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