BURN NOTICE “Eyes Open” Review


BURN NOTICE “Eyes Open” Season 4 Episode 13 – Now where were we? BURN NOTICE returns from the summer, wrapping up the cliffhanger “Guilty As Charged” with “Eyes Open,” though it’s really an abrupt non-wrap-up.

Jesse, who’d learned Michael was the one who burned him, had ended up shooting him through the clavicle with a rifle to save his life. So we now find Michael in the hospital, kind of a mess, which can happen when you’re shot after crashing an SUV and being battered along the way. And what of the meet with bad guy industrialist Barrett, now dead it appears, the situation screwed up by can’t-be-trusted Vaughn and his guys? That’s it? We find Michael in the hospital recovering from the ordeal.

Meanwhile, it turns out a bomb blast in South Beach that took out drug dealer kidnappers, but also killed civilian innocents is the work for of a pyscho serial killer-bomber, who believes he’s on a crusade for good, a la “Dexter” (sort of). We also get the slimy lawyer from “Guilty As Charged” who wanted revenge against those gang bangers who’d kidnapped his daughter. Later, he’s murdered along with his bodyguard, by the Dennis, the serial killer. Michael’s still in in a sling, bandaged and banged up almost throughout the story. And then there’s the semi-shocker ending with Jesse being pro-active to “put down a rabid dog.”

Overall, good stuff had it been more of a stand-alone episode, but ultimately off-kilter because the building storyline of last year with the coded bible and such is still not done, it seems.

Highlights here included Sam less the carousing big brother to Michael, but more so the protective one now, urging caution before charging into things, because Michael, with his injuries, seems even more gung ho than his usual measured, then escalating responses. Sam also has the show’s best lines, greatly delivered by Bruce Campbell, calling bomber Dennis Barfield, “Dennis Wayne Barfield” because that sounds more like a serial killer and then, as Michael needs to diffuse a bomb, asks the homeowners, “Have any duct tape?” Well, it can do anything, y’know?

Some of the best scenes are between Michael acting like the dullard fan and the on-edge killer, Dennis. Also good, the interaction between Fiona and Jesse – he’s still feels betrayed by her, too – which is tense, but also pretty funny as they have to act like a bickering couple to sneak into a private parking garage to help track down Sweeney, the guy who may have the coveted bible. And then there are some fine son-and-mother moments between Michael and mom Maddie early on and near the show’s end, as she asks him why he does all he does. That’s followed by Michael and Jessie finding yet another dead guy and a trail that may lead to Sweeney.

So, with “Eyes Open” we’re off-and-running with part two of the current BURN NOTICE episode run. And where it’s heading is anybody’s guess. It looks like Jesse may forgive and not forget, that whole “we’ve all screwed each other thing, but we’re now family” idea settling into his brainpan. And oh yes, it was sweet to see mom Maddie hand Michael a glass case with new shades just like his old ones. Without ’em, it might be like Indiana Jones without his hat.