LAW & ORDER: LOS ANGELES “Hondo Field” Review


LAW & ORDER: LOS ANGELES “Hondo Field” Season 1 Episode 6 – I don’t know about you, but this episode of LAW & ORDER: LOS ANGELES was my favorite of the series by far.

“Hondo Field” was packed with drama, twists (if you didn’t watch the preview), and some great one liners. I felt that the writing in this episode was the strongest its been since the series premiered, and we have Michael S. Chernuchin to thank for that.

The story was GREAT; and the twists and turns as the episode unfolded was something that I’d been waiting for from this installment of the Law and Order franchise for a while. Granted most of the twists were falsified by the defendant, it just made the ACTUAL reason for the murder all that more unexpected.

Rex (Skeet Ulrich) didn’t bother me as a character NEARLY as much as he normally does (sorry Rex fans). His banter back and forth with TJ (Corey Stoll) was perfect, and while I understand Ulrich is a good actor, I feel that I have to give credit again to the writer.

So, kudos Michael Chernuchin. I think this episode may have been the start of Los Angeles turning a corner into what Law and Order fans expect from the franchise, and hope it continues though the rest of the series.

Sprague Grayden was WONDERFUL as Valerie Roberts, and as much as you were supposed to dislike her as a character, I could relate to her in a few ways. Being a woman, it’s difficult to make it in any professional career that is usually deemed “men’s work”. Not saying that she should have killed a guy (especially when we find out that the work wasn’t the real reason for the murder), but a girl can only take so much.

I know this was the point of her character, but I wanted to knock out Sarah Goodwin (Natalie Zea) a couple of times. There is such a thing as “playing the woman” card too much – and I think that line was crossed a few times with her defense.

I understand that was the point, and that the story (which I loved) wouldn’t have played out the same if she hadn’t, in certain lights I feel it made Robert’s defense a little less poignant.

That’s pretty much the only negative thing I can think of to say about “Hondo Field”, what did you think? Will this be the episode that takes Law and Order: Los Angeles to the level we expected from the start?

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