FRINGE “6955 kHz” Review


FRINGE “6955 kHz” Season 3 Episode 6 – It’s time to tune in to see what happens this week to our universe’s Fringe team. After last week’s incredible events involving Olivia in the alter-verse we get a chance to see how Bolivia’s secret plans are progressing. We also get to find out if Peter will build the doomsday device of his dreams, and whether Walter will support him or try to stop him.

So what happens at 6955 kHz?

The killing sound. Actually, at that wavelength a transmission is sent comprised of a list of numbers in a foreign language. A group of short wave enthusiasts listen to the broadcast to crack the code, but are suddenly afflicted with amnesia. No one knows who is behind the transmissions, and the Fringe team steps in to try to solve the mystery.

Dunham and Broyles go the transmission tower where the signal came from, and find that there was a break in. The intruder left a silver box, that screams “I’m from the alter-verse!” from the moment you see it, connected to the transmission equipment. Walter and Peter are able to use a children’s toy and a Jimmy Hendrix wah-wah pedal to find that the box was responsible for the amnesia signal, but not the number signal.

The man behind the attacks is Joseph Feller (played by Kevin Weisman, aka Marshall from Alias), and he soon sets into motion another attack that mode deaths and amnesiacs. Walter and Astrid’s efforts at understanding the number codes both hit a dead end, with Walter taking it especially hard. Peter and Bolivia visit Ed Markam, an old friend of the show from Season 1, who gives Peter a book that claims that there were humans on Earth before the dinosaurs. The book states that these first people were wiped out by a cataclysm, and Peter finds a chart in the book that matches up exactly with the numbers broadcast.

Back at the lab, Peter finds the clue to lead them to Feller. Bolivia gets to Feller ahead of the FBI and we learn that he’s also an agent from the alter-verse. She takes him out just as Peter and Broyles arrive by helping Feller do a 10 story swan dive, and we learn that he was also a shape shifter due to his silver blood.

Walter and Astrid start using the book to crack the code, and Astrid figures out that the numbers are actually latitude and longitude locations around the globe. When the Fringe team digs at the nearest location they find a piece of the doomsday device, and Walter decides that its time to join Peter in his efforts to study the device. At the end of the episode, Olivia contacts the alter-verse to inform them of the discovery. The response from her handlers? “Initiate Phase Two”

At the end, we get a peek into the alter-verse just long enough to learn that Walternate no longer needs Olivia for experiments. Imaginary Peter says whats on everybodys mind, it’s time for Olivia to go home!

What worked and what didn’t work in this episode?

The acting on Fringe this season has been really strong, and in this case the work of Jasika Nicole as Astrid and John Noble as Walter really stood out. It was nice because we don’t normally get Astrid-heavy episodes, and she took the opportunity and did a great job. I found myself rooting for her the whole second half of the episode as she tried to make sense out chaos in the numbers. Noble was good as usual, but I loved how we get to see some of the paternal instincts at play in this episode when it comes to Peter building the doomsday device.

I loved Kevin Weisman on Alias, it’s a shame that he didn’t have much more of a role in this episode. Would love to see if they brought more alumni from other Abrams shows (hey maybe Greg Grunberg?) but I’m not holding my breath.

As to episode’s plot and the momentum given to the season story arc, I’m having some mixed feelings. I thought the main storyline of the episode (the number code) was good, and the meta storyline (the device and the alter-verse) got a huge boost with all the information Peter and Astrid found. I like that we now have some good ground from which to hypothesize on about the doomsday device and the alternate universe.

The issue I have is that this episode felt like more of a J.J. Abrams Greatest Hits tribute than an original storyline. The episode touches on Alias by having Weisman on as a guest star and by creating a world wide artifact hunt similar to the Rambaldi devices. Then there’s the whole number code thing that seemed to be straight out from Lost. Actually that might be because some of Hurley’s numbers actually appear in the number code in this episode. Speaking of Hurley, when are we going to see Jorge Garcia on Fringe? I can’t go a whole season without seeing Jorge in primetime.

My Theory On The Doomsday Device and the Alternate Universe

There was originally one Earth with one universe. The doomsday device was built by the first people mentioned in Markam’s book, which caused a rift in space time and created the alternate universe. The first people probably survived to some extent in the alter-verse, while they were wiped out here on our Earth. This is why the alter-verse has more advanced technology and the entire device built, they had a head start our universe didn’t have. Walternate is aware of the power of the doomsday device and wants to use it to seal the rift, hopefully overwriting our universe with the alternate universe.

What did you think of 6955 kHz? What do you think will happen when Bolivia starts Phase Two? Will Peter and Walter be able to figure out what the doomsday device is about before its too late? Let me know in the comments below!

Next week, Olivia tries to find a way home and needs help from an unlikely source. Be sure to tune in next Thursday to see the next episode of Fringe, “The Abducted”, at 9 PM on FOX.

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