CRIMINAL MINDS “Reflections of Desire” Review

CRIMINAL MINDS "Reflections of Desire" (CBS)

CRIMINAL MINDS “Reflection of Desire” Season 6 Episode 8 – Criminal Minds goes to the movies in this weeks’ episode. Robert Knepper, the delectable T-Bag from Prison Break, guest stars as a serial killer called Rhett who murders pretty girls in an attempt to please his mother, an egotistical woman played by Academy Award nominee Sally Kirkland.

Rhett dresses the women up in 1950s garb and forces his victims to reinact scenes from the film Reflection of Desire. When he dumps the body, he takes a trophy: he slices off their lips.

The acting was of a high standard. I just wished the writing had been as good as it could have been.

There were some scenes that were very creepy: Rhett talking to the girl in the station, which was ruined by his abrupt ending. He should have been written a snappier insult, or just maintained the charm and left smoothly. I also liked when he cut off her toes, though how long did it take her to realize ten digits had just been chopped off?

JJ’s role is once again filled by Garcia. Garcia says she cannot fulfill the role because she she has a phobia of being in front of the camera. She is handed a blonde wig, which totally solves the problem, reaches out to the media and public. And no, guys, giving Garcia a blonde wig does not replace JJ.

The ending was a twist unexpected but I wasn’t jumping out of my seat in shock when it turned out his mother was just a decomposed corpse who is wearing his first victim’s lips. Sort of The Silence of the Lambs, but no where near the creepy levels there should have been.

The ending was very indulgent; Garcia on a stage alone, the BAU team in the audience, looking on, as she delivers the usual voice over to the rapt audience.

I cannot say this was my favorite episode of Criminal Minds, though it was entertaining and the acting saved it from being a complete cliched mess. I sort of wish it had delivered on the promise of its first few scenes and been creepy and more stylized than the usual episode the whole way through. It could have been a disaster, but at least it would have been different.

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