COMMUNITY “Cooperative Calligraphy” Review

COMMUNITY (NBC) Cooperative Calligraphy

COMMUNITY “Cooperative Calligraphy” Season 2 Episode 8 – It’s the mystery to end all mysteries when Annie’s pen goes missing in the hilariously bizarre (or bizarrely hilarious–your choice) “Cooperative Calligraphy” episode of COMMUNITY, which has inspired me to try to launch a real-life puppy parade.

“Tell your disappointment to suck it. I’m doing a bottle episode.” As much as I love the special event episodes, and I so do, it’s episodes like this that demonstrate why Community is such a great show. From Annie’s primal scream to almost every single Troy line (“Do they find thoughts in our butts? I knew I should have read that book.”), “Cooperative Calligraphy” is packed with hilarity, character development, and puppies. Not to mention some fun eye candy, and I’m not just talking about Annie’s Boobs. Hee.

There is terrific interaction all around tonight. The women have some residual Mean Girlness left over from last week. “If I took it, it’s larceny, but if you find it under Mother Hen, It’s an accident.” I think Shirley has the best burn with “I’m not comfortable standing around in my altogether like you two anorexic Jezebels.” For being the “nicest,” one, she gets nasty fast. “This Christian thought you’d find it on the Muslim.” Ouch!

Jeff smash! That’s quite the rage fest he has. “Precocious bitch!” Hmm, I guess Community isn’t quite done playing with Jeff and Annie because they have some interesting moments tonight. This is probably my favorite Jeff episode of the season–he’s hilarious in his frustration, almost naked, and he brings the group back together at the end.

Abed–oh, honey, no. No, we don’t graph our female friends’ menstrual cycles. Hee to the feeding Annie chocolate, and I love that Abed knows he’s doing wrong, but he does it anyway because he thinks he’s helping. He just doesn’t know any better. “I much prefer being entombed in a mausoleum of emotions I can neither understand nor feel.”

“You’ve gone too far. This is how super villains are created.” I could totally see that, by the way. Yay to the continuity of Pierce being in a tricked-out wheelchair after the trampoline fiasco, and wow, I could practically smell his cast and Slim Jim scratchers from my living room.

Is the world ready for a Shirley/Chang baby? I think Troy’s OMGWTFBBQ face says it all because, wow, that development is as surprising to me as Annie’s Boobs being the pen (and everything else) thief. I didn’t think we’d ever see that monkey again. Well-played on both counts, but seriously, do you think Shirley is pregnant? The possibility is both disturbing and oddly tantalizing.

Random funny lines: “I always thought man would evolve into woman, not a three-legged dragon,” “Accidents don’t happen over and over again. This isn’t budget daycare;” “It smells like a Waffle House sink;” “You Know, Girl” pregnancy test; “With every moment, these puppies grow older and less deserving of our attention;” “Something you and your puppies could never dream of, you non-miraculous son of a bitch!”

I love how whatever theme Community goes with, it goes all out. Not many shows could make an episode out of a missing pen, let alone make it both funny and meaningful. I laughed all the way through and then awwed at the Breakfast Club moment. Fun episode all around.

Who was your main suspect before it was revealed the monkey stole the pen? I could buy Troy’s ghost who wanted to write a love note, but my real guess was Pierce. What were your favorite moments of the episode? Please post them in the comments.

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