BONES “The Shallow in the Deep” Review

Bones (FOX) The Shallow in The deep

BONES “The Shallow in the Deep” Season 6 Episode 6 – The theme of old versus young in this episode cracked me up. Mostly because they tried to use Booth as an example of “old” – having Bones point out how damaged his poor skeleton was and then taking him out on a cougar cruise. I found it hilarious that anyone could call Booth (or David Boreanaz for that matter) anything except exceptionally hot and I doubt I’m the only one who feels that way. So yeah, I had to take that part of the storyline with a bit of salt.

Still it was cute that Booth had his little moments of self-doubt, especially on the cruise when Bones was having such a great time with all the “cubs”. Sweets getting dragged along with them was brilliant and I like how much he’s getting out and about on the cases these days. Also lots of nice moments back in the lab in this episode with Angela, Hodgins, Cam and Daisy.

The secondary story was a touching one and I liked seeing a little bit more from Cam than her usual pretty stoic routine. It gave Tamara Taylor a chance to step out of the background and I like that they made finding a slave ship even more emotional for her by putting one of her ancestors on it.

My favorite bits..

Booth’s slow and laborious trip to the door.

Bones asking Booth about his gas emissions – now there’s something I never thought I’d hear on this show.

Bones being able to detail every single injury Booth has ever had.

This line: “You had intercourse accidentally? What were you trying to do Miss Wick?”

The fact that Hodgins can find a connection to possible alien life on earth in just about anything, that’s one of the things I love about him.

Bones demonstrating how the man had been hooked by a fish. Ow.

Giggling at the idea of the origin of life looking like a pink Chia Pet.

Booth giving Sweets a Magic 8 Ball to answer his question.

Booth asking how he went to sleep Han Solo and woke up Obi Wan Kenobi. LOL!

Finding out that there are apparently a lot of fluffy pink worms in the world.

Sweets talking about how he felt about as a foster kid when other kids got on tv and then immediately found a home. Aw, poor Sweets.

Hodgins demonstration of the Bone Eating Snot Flower oddly making me hungry for a canole. What on earth does that say about me??

Sweets being offered as a, what, sacrifice?, to get Booth and Bones on the cougar cruise. LOL.

Literally having to pause my DVR so I could figure out what my “half plus 8” dating age was and being relieved to find out that I haven’t crushed on any actors that don’t fall in it. Whew.

Hodgins joy at releasing his piranhas.

The entire scene with Angela doing the sketches. The song they used was beautiful.

Angela wanting a peanut butter and egg salad sandwich. Ick, but so cute.

Daisy throwing Hodgins over the railing. LOL!

Sweets using the term “get my freak on”.

Daisy and Sweets getting back together… because of Saved By The Bell?

Cam barely being able to get out the name of her great grandmother on the list and each of the sketches lighting up as she read off the names.

What did you think of this episode of Bones? Got any favorite bits or least favorite bits of your own? I’d love to hear from you!

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