BLEEP MY DAD SAYS “The Manly Thing to Do” Review

BLEEP MY DAD SAYS "The Manly Thing to Do"

BLEEP MY DAD SAYS “The Manly Thing to Do” Episode 8 – We’re gonna get a bit long this time out. It wasn’t the funniest episode laugh for laugh (though it scored quite a few bullseyes), but “The Manly Thing to Do,” may have have been the best episode so far of “BLEEP MY DAD SAYS.”

While the show’s attempted depth before, too often it’s been forced in like a foot too small for a shoe. But this time, the program spoke volumes about how homophobia has no place in our world. Ed’s navy pal and former commanding officer Wally Durham comes for a visit and his modus operandi is to insult everyone, sort of Don Rickles-style, but meaner. And he’s even targeting Tim, the housekeeper until he finds out he’s homosexual, then wants nothing to do with him. Ed says nothing, Tim quits. Ed tells Henry it’s just Navy stuff, guys insulting each other, the manly thing to do. Henry tells him the real manly thing to do is offer Tim an apology and tell Wally off. And that’s just what happens by the end of the show, as Ed brings in Tim’s gay men’s chorus to sing “Anchors Aweigh,” Wally complains and Ed tells him to just leave his house if he can’t handle someone or in this case, a bunch of guys being gay.

First, let’s hear it for star William Shatner as the cantankerous Ed standing up for Tim, played so well by Tim Bagley, whose return to the show as a semi-regular is welcome. And then there’s John Mahoney (from “Fraser”) who knows something about cantankerous, too, as the insult-a-minute, anti-gay Wally. A mention should also be made of Tim’s roomate and gay chorus leader Lawrence, the local pancake house owner played (ironically) by Sam Pancake.

The main story made the sub-plot all the dumber: Henry accidentally sees Bonnie naked out of the shower and Vince thinks she’s slighted that he said nothing and should’ve complimented her, so he sets it for Henry to see her again and say something, which of course, she finds to be creepy. D U M B.

But gun-loving, probably right wing-ish overall Ed speaking out for his gay friend made up for that, as did some of the show’s funny lines and best bits, too, which included (if you’re keep notes on the zingers):

– “Although you look like a man, you’re just a boy in very hairy man costume” (Ed to Henry)

– Ed singing “Anchors Aweigh” with Tim at the house to an old LP record played

– “The Navy sounds a lot like my gym.” (Tim)

– Ed doing the “Y” part (as “why” having a side conversation with Tim), in a gay men’s chorus rehearsal at the pancake house

– “I still load my shotgun one shell at time,” (Ed to Wally, how he hasn’t changed just because he’s defending gay Tim).

If BLEEP MY DAD SAYS can pull off more episodes like “The Manly Thing To Do,” not preachy, but still taking a stand about something that needs to be said, it’s okay if it’s not all about rapid fire laughs.