America's Next Top Model "Kyle Hagler"

AMERICA’S NEXT TOP MODEL “Kyle Hagler” Season 15 Episode 10 – The models are sent to IMG Milano, the Italian Headquaters where they are sent to Tyra who shows them how to put together their portfolio. Ann is feeling awkward about going to the go and sees, but I doubt that anyone can match the cringeworthy

One of the four castings they are sent to is Versace. Even I have heard of Versace. Jane and Chris get there first. Chelsey, Kayla and Ann get lost on the way, and afterwards they split up. They Versace guy likes Ann’s face and he would book Ann immediately.

Ann and Chris soon give up and head back to IMG Milano. Ann and Kayla are both late. Chelsey is the only girl who made it to two go sees and she wins a Versace jacket.

For the photoshoot the models are painted white and made to look like statues. Jane disappoints, Chelsey impresses, Ann once again astounds Nigel and Jay, Kayla is surprisingly good and Chris is let down because of her foot.

At judging, four girls will remain and one will go home. Kayla is judged first and her pose is complimented but she is criticized for only getting to one go see. Chelsey’s photo is criticized for being beautiful woman not beautiful model. Chris looks like she is asleep. Jane does have a personality, dammit! She has a personality!

Best picture goes to Kayla. Second goes to Chelsey. Whose passion is commendable. In otherwords, she hasn’t a hope of winning. Ann is called next. Ann has a hope of winning. The bottom two are Chris and Jane and Chris is sent home with the advice to drop acting and take some acting classes. And there goes the personality. Next week is the finale. Who do you think will win?

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