THE GOOD WIFE “Poisoned Pill” Review

THE GOOD WIFE "Poisoned Pill" (CBS)

THE GOOD WIFE “Poisoned Pill” Season 2 Episode 6 – When Lockhart, Gardner & Bond take on a pharmaceutical case they are elated. It’ll be three women against some bigshot lawyers from New York. David versus Goliath.

In comes Michael J. Fox who brilliantly uses his Parkinsons’ disease as Louis Canning to divert attention from the case. He worms his way into the jury’s favor and spins his side of the case into a soap. Of course the only way to keep the jury’s attention is not with the science, which is boring, but by making the truth sexy. Sexy is sex, so as Lockhart, Gardner & Bond start tugging towards a victory, Canning writes Alicia a note: ‘Game On’. This way the case was chosen was wonderfully improper: a fat woman did not evoke enough sympathy, so they skipped her case and went for the pretty daughter of a woman who killed her husband then herself. No silly issues of ethics can get in the way of superficiality. Besides, the only reason they took the case was money and publicity.

On the political front, Eli is having trouble with that poor-feeding, minority loving, patriotic, cancer surviving, eloquent Wendy Scott-Carr. Best moment of the show? Wendy singing the National Anthem and Eli commenting: “Of course she has perfect pitch.” When Eli digs up some dirt on her and finds out she had $19,000 breast implants, no one seems to have realized that she has a double mastectomy after she was diagnosed with stage-two breast cancer. Of course she spills this on CBS’s The Early Show, leading to an outpouring of sympathy and a major, potentially career costing misstep for Glenn Childs’, on whom Eli pinned the entire leakage.

Of course Archie Panjabi’s Kalinda once again hijacked the episode. Trying to cover her tracks before Blake can turn over any of her dirty little secrets, she finds an old flame Donna (played by Lili Taylor), a public defender. Unfortunately for Kalinda, Donna is sore about having her heart broken and gets her revenge by accompanying Blake to the firm’s victory celebrations. Kalinda, thanks to Cary, also found out that Blake may be even more dangerous than anyone could have thought: he apparently has ties to a Baltimore meth gang. I’m certain this will play out in future episodes.

It was an episode brimming with delightful plot twists and some fantastic character development. What did you think of this episode? What do you make of Blake and Michael J Fox’s performance? Has Wendy got your vote? And do you think we’ll ever truly find out all of Kalinda’s secrets? Do you even want to know? Sound off in the comments below!

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