SONS OF ANARCHY “Firinne” Review

Sons of Anarchy

SONS OF ANARCHY “Firinne” Season 3 Episode 10- If you’ve been reading my Sons of Anarchy reviews this season, you’ll know that I’ve been pretty hard on the show. In keeping with that, I’ll start this review by saying that I miss the old theme song a hell of a lot. Why am I starting with that? Because that is the only thing I disliked about this episode.

We finally get some movement over in Ireland. While it could be argued that the plot has been moving along steadily for the past two weeks (and I’m glad there are differing viewpoints), for me, it felt slow. This week we got two dead members of SAMBEL, a close encounter with Jimmy O and an apparent lead in the search for Abel (though we know more than Jax, presently).

While I definitely don’t watch Sons of Anarchy for the violence, I find episodes like this week’s always bring something more to the table. Maybe the viewers’ emotion is heightened by the violence? Who knows. I’m still getting over Kyle Hobart’s tattoo removal in season 1.

The dispatching of Liam and McGee was well done and started tying up the loose ends in Ireland. Once the Sons find Abel – or not, see below – and figure out what to do about Jimmy, we’ll hopefully be well on our way back to Charming. (Special shout out to Happy’s look of utter glee during Liam’s torture.)

Speaking of Charming, we may be seeing the start of Kozik and Tig’s reconciliation or the start of another turf war. Can Tig, Kozik and Piney find the money needed to get Tara and Murphy back safe and sound? Or will Alvarez playing dead cause more problems than SAMCRO expected?

Back in Ireland, we got confirmation of Jax and Trinity’s intentions – which were decidedly not brother-and-sisterly. While I hated the idea in theory, I loved the execution because it showed the totally differing reactions of Jax and Gemma compared to Trinity and Maureen. While Trinity found out her father really wasn’t her father, making her already unstable world just a little more unsteady, Jax seemed amused. He delivered my favourite line of the episode: “Two minutes later and I’d have been dancing in Tig territory.”

The forward movement on the Abel plot seems counterproductive right now. Jax, and apparently Father Ashby too, think Abel is still up for adoption, but we saw him seemingly being adopted. Was he? Will the twist be that he’s still with the nuns or will Jax discover the adoption and chose to leave Abel to a better life with a ‘good Catholic family’? The latter seemed almost unthinkable until Ashby pulled the ‘John didn’t want this life for you’ card on Jax. We know Jax is already unsure about the way his life has turned out, but surely that can’t keep him from his son, can it?

Overall, a brilliant episode that melded together action and emotion in the style that dominated seasons 1 and 2. Sons of Anarchy seems to be well on its way to recapturing the excitement that made the series a fan favorite and hopefully season 3 will end on a high. What do you guys think?

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