ONE TREE HILL “Mouthful of Diamonds” Review

ONE TREE HILL "Mouthful of Diamonds"

ONE TREE HILL “Mouthful of Diamonds” Season 8 Episode 8 – Did this week’s episode of One Tree Hill feel like filler? And not very good filler at that. I think it is rather lame when a major storyline involves an 8 year old child getting braces. I was never much of a fan of the growing screen time that Jamie seemed to get. While his interaction with Haley or Nathan as a family was fine, after all, it showed how much they have grown and their new lives as parents, anything beyond that just doesn’t seem to fit. This is One Tree Hill! It is about drama, angst, love, lost love, and to see how much our high schoolers have grown. Naturally that would include children, I just don’t want the children to become a main character. Heck, even the title of this episode is about Jamie.

Another thing that is starting to really bother me are the scenes with Mia and Chase. Neither one of them can really act and together they are a disaster. I would not expect Kate Voegle to be the best actress as she is really a musician. I guess I shouldn’t expect a reality star to be that good either. Since they are not and since they lack any chemistry, I wish the show would stop pushing them on us. Kate’s scenes with Erin talking about music were so much better acted than anything she has done with Stephen a/k/a Chase. The same actually is true with Chase. When he is paired with someone that has some talent like Jana Kramer or the guy that plays Mouth, he doesn’t come off so bad. Is it too much to ask to kill the Mia/Chase storyline?

Here is what I did like about this episode. I liked that Brooke finally confronted Sylvia about not wanting her involvement in the wedding. That was dragging on and we didn’t need to see Brooke more miserable than she already is about her company and finances. Of course, after they fight, Brooke and Sylvia make up in break neck speed and were almost best buds by the end of the show. Hopefully the writers will throw in a few moments of conflict here and there between them for reality’s sake.

I also liked the reality of Mouth’s situation. When his friend showed up at the bar telling him he was going to try to get him back in at the station, I fully expected him to have a job by the next scene. Having Mouth not get back in and face the reality that he might be working in a bar cleaning toilets and back rooms for a while seemed very real. The same is true of the speech he gave on camera for Julian. People do face challenges and struggles every day. He is no different. I hope eventually he finds something because is really a genuinely good person.

My other favorite thing about this episode was Julian’s revelation that happiness is a mood and not a destination. When you think about that, your first instinct is to say “of course it is a mood just like sadness.” But Julian is right, people treat happiness like it is a destination. One day they will “get” happiness. One day they will achieve it, find it. The house, the car, the husband, the wife, the children, the big screen TV are not happiness. Not only are they just things, but they also prevent you from feeling happiness in your attempt to get those things. Deep thoughts from Julian and the writers but very fitting for this season of the show where everyone seems down on their luck.

What did you think about this week’s episode of One Tree Hill? Did you feel like it was just a filler episode preparing for sweeps? Does anyone else think that Nathan has the possibility to becoming a greater agent than Clay? Was anyone else wishing we did not have to hear anymore about Jamie’s braces? Share your thoughts about this episode of One Tree Hill in the comments below. I would love to hear what you think!

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