NO ORDINARY FAMILY “No Ordinary Visitors” Review

No Ordinary Family (ABC) - No Ordinary Visitors

NO ORDINARY FAMILY “No Ordinary Visitors” Season 1 Episode 6 – This episode of NO ORDINARY FAMILY is my favorite so far! Having to keep their powers on the back burner, the Powells learn to accept themselves as they are with or without their powers. Stephanie’s parents pay an unexpected visit, so the Powells agree to act as if everything is normal and to not use their powers. But when friends are the victims of a violent home invasion, Jim and Daphne get pulled into using their powers to catch the criminals.

“No Ordinary Visitors” is less superpower-obsessed than in previous episodes. The family’s powers are intertwined into their daily lives, allowing for plot to move to the forefront of the show. Rather than being singularly focused on their abilities, the Powells try to live their lives without them, except for the occasional use when no one is looking. It’s apparent that now they would have a hard time living without their powers. But they learn that they are the same people as they were before “contracting” superpowers. The powers are a bonus, becoming a part of their original selves.

The guest stars are a great contribution to tonight’s show. I would love to see Bruce McGill and Cybill Shepherd back on No Ordinary Family again. They are both such funny and wonderful actors, delivering their few lines with perfect timing. Even Jackson Rathbone’s emotionless performance as Trent would be welcome back if it offers some sort of interesting new conflict on the show. Does Trent really not remember what happened? Did the fear and the fall knock the memory of Jim right out of his head? It also was very convenient for Daphne to discover a new visual component of her power. But now she will have to go around touching everyone. And how good is Michael Chiklis? He pulls off comically jumping around with George in his arms, then turns around and dramatically shares a passionate kiss with Stephanie, all while maintaining the character’s integrity. I am becoming more and more impressed with Chiklis’ acting. He has always been one of the best aspects of the show.

Finally, dog on the brain moments: Daphne trying to read a stray dog’s mind to help him – how sweet. And JJ’s haircut being compared to a Pekinese’s trim – so true.

Did you like episode 6 “No Ordinary Visitors” of No Ordinary Family? Let me know your thoughts.