LIP SERVICE Episode 5 Review

Tess  Lip Service

Lip Service Season 1 Episode 5 – There’s a lot of love in the room in this week’s Lip Service as those four little words make and break relationships the series finally hits its stride.

In previous episodes I got the sense that the headline grabbing, shock for shocking’s sake moments (Frankie’s corpse ménage a trois) were more about creating buzz than anything. It was all a bit clichéd and cringe worthy. This week however something seems to click. They become believable as a group of friends bouncing along in their lives – they have sex, fall in love and make mistakes, they just so happen to be gay.

It’s the morning after the night before. Frankie is still in bed from her romp with Jay while across Glasgow Sam in a moment where her judgement was probably, let’s say…clouded, declares her love for Kat for the first time – all that before breakfast!

Lip Service this week revolves around Tess’ birthday as her life hits a crisis point. Career and love life are going nowhere so in an attempt to cheer her up/get in her knickers Ed organises a secret 30th fancy dress birthday bash at the flat.

Back at the most chilled architecture firm in the world Kat’s tool of a boss sends her and Frankie off on an assignment to get some photos of their old school for a pitch. It’s here that their light flirtations over memories of detention rebellion appear genuine and they’re able to convey actual chemistry -yeah!! Finally!!
There are short sharp bursts of humour too such as Frankie opening the door to Kat at the party with a cheerful, “Hey cowgirl” followed by an equally sullen “Sherriff” as Sam follows her in. Or the look on Kat’s face as Frankie quits and storms out of her boss’s office dildo in tow.

Tess as always though provides the most entertainment. Meeting up for what she assumes to be a birthday drink with the Ex that dumped her, she is once again made to look like an idiot. The newly engaged Ex forgets her birthday, calls her pathetic and scarpers without paying for the wine – day in the life of Tess, how much can this poor girl take?

Feeling rejected as her mates have all too convincingly thrown her off the scent of the surprise party Kat does a Sharon Osbourne and gets Botox. But it being Tess she reacts badly and breaks out in a rash. Ed won’t let a bit of inflamed skin stop him from declaring his undying (and unreciprocated) love as she leaves him for dust running off into the night.

Back at the party Ed’s really on a roll as he drops another bombshell blurting out Frankie and Jay’s late night liaison, safe to say it kind of kills the party. Frankie is left alone after Sadie refuses to be a human sex stress ball and Kat says “I love you” back to Sheriff Sam.

This episode seemed to flow much better and I find myself caring about what happens to characters that simply annoyed me in the first few episodes. Next week should be a fiery final episode, I haven’t quite decided whether I want a FranKatie or SamKat ending just please God let something go right for our Tess!

What did you think to Episode 5 of Lip Service? How are you hoping it pans out for the Glaswegian gals? Let me know in the comment box below!