LIFE UNEXPECTED “Plumber Cracked” Review

Life Unexpected (CW) - Plumber Cracked

LIFE UNEXPECTED “Plumber Cracked” Season 2 Episode 8 – Honesty is good; lies are bad. That is what we learn on LIFE UNEXPECTED tonight. Cate and Ryan continue couples therapy. She tries to find out about Ryan’s past with Julia by inviting Paige out for drinks. Ryan, Baze, Math and Jamie have a guys’ night out. Lux and Eric go out of town for a date and get stuck overnight after crashing a wedding party.

The counselor’s statement that healthy relationships can’t be built on lies conveys what the entire episode “Plumber Cracked” is about. It may even foreshadow things to come, because Cate/Ryan and Lux/Eric are just tiptoeing around and sneaking around, respectively. In any case, things are finally set in motion. The show is reining in the plot and providing a focused direction for the story and characters. This episode does a great job setting up the basis for upcoming episodes. I appreciate that the show is not dragging out key elements of the plot, such as whether Ryan is over Julia (no) and whether Lux and Eric will actually continue their relationship (yes). So now we can look forward to Cate and Ryan’s therapy and their temporary separation. We get to enjoy watching Emma and Baze come closer together and how this is affected by the sudden appearance of her son Sam. And we can resign ourselves to the decision that Lux and Eric make. However if we have to tolerate the Lux and Eric relationship, I am immensely grateful for and amused by Tasha’s snarky objections to Lux’s actions. I can’t believe that Lux lets Tasha take the blame for the hotel bill, smirching her good name. Previously do-gooder Lux and rebellious Tasha have switched roles.

At the moment, I guess everyone on Life Unexpected is just living in the present. There is uncertainty whether any of them have a future together. Why did Cate and Ryan agree to marry; why are they still lying to each other? Why do Lux and Eric continue their illicit affair when they admit it won’t last? Why does Emma initially hide her past from Baze? Knowing the reasons may allow the relationships to move forward, but on what paths will they follow?

What are your thoughts on episode 8 “Plumber Cracked” of Life Unexpected?

  • Tim

    I’m finding the whole Lux/Eric romance just a bit creepy. I know the age difference in the portrayal isn’t vast, but still, it basically amounts to statutory rape.

    And including this “icky” storyline, the “slutting” up of the lead character, and low ratings have lead to the back 9 not being picked up.

    • The Lux/Eric fling is completely discomforting-to say the least. I thought that I was the only one distracted by Lux’s sudden preference for all things slutty. Besides that, you know a show is in trouble when even its target audience isn’t watching.

  • Cassie

    I agree about Tasha’s snarky objections – they are the best part of the stupid “relationship” between Lux and Eric. Otherwise, that relationship is just creepy and disgusting. Lux’s behavior towards her bff is awful and not only does she not stop using Tasha’s apartment for her rendezvous, Lux doesn’t even seem the least bit apologetic.

    Not surprised the back 9 episodes were not picked up… this show is all over the place. I highly doubt most people still consider Lux a sympathetic character (which was the whole schtick of the series – a foster kid reunites with her biological parents).

    • You bring up a good point. Lux and how she adjusts to family life after foster care was the appeal behind the show. The new season has so far diverged from this premise. But next week’s preview looks promising.