DETROIT 187 “Broken Engagement/Trashman” Review

DETROIT 187 "Broken Engagement/Trashman"

DETROIT 187 “Broken Engagement/Trashman” Season 1 Episode 8 – This week’s episode of Detroit 187 had a little bit of switching up of the detective pairings. While Mahajan attempted to get a scared and conficted witness to testify in an important case, Fitch offered up Washington to ride with Longford for his murder investigation. Fitch of course is paired with Stone and Sanchez in their murder investigation. Doesn’t it seem like that is the case even when Fitch has Washington with him? I guess since the focus is only on two murders per week, with six detectives, two are bound to be tagalongs.

The good thing about the Washington/Longford pairing is that it actually helped Washington come to the realization that Fitch liked him and that he wants to partner with Fitch too. Both Washington and Longford have plenty to say about the annoying things their partners do, but Longford was right in saying that another man’s wife is always attractive. Do you really want a person that can’t stop talking paired with someone who cannot stand talking? It was very poignant when Longford told Washington that he was a lot like Fitch or that Fitch recognized some of himself in Washington. I think Longford is on to something there. I also think Washington is just looking for Fitch’s approval and lashing out because he doesn’t think he is getting it. How happy did he look at the end when Fitch said it was weird riding without him?

So those that wanted a Stone/Sanchez personal pairing got their way. Then again, those (including myself) that really didn’t see them together got their way too. Apparently it is just a one night stand. Again, I stand by my opinion that they are not good together. I am not sure if Sanchez and Fitch have chemistry or if he would even be good in a personal relationship with her, but at least he understands her better. It was Stone that was concerned that she didn’t know what she was doing when trying to talk down the guy with the gun to his head. In his defense, Stone has not worked with Sanchez as long as Fitch has so he may not be aware of her skills. The look between Fitch and Sanchez though was full of respect.

The thing I loved most about this episode was Pooch. His character was on fire. From pretending like he was arrested when Dutch came in and then immediately turning and declaring how guilty Dutch was once he was behind closed doors to his mispronounciation of Fitch’s name, everything he said was funny. Other things I liked included:

– “The Prince of Prints”
– Washington attempting to teach Longford to “bump, blow it up and talk about it” and then Longford actually doing it at the end.
– An actual Detroit judge on the bench in his own courtroom for the court scenes
– Washington challenging Longford to a fight because he thinks Longford called him short
– Dutch’s creepy mom trying to hit on Washington
– Eminem’s “I”m Not Afraid” playing at the end when the witness finally testifies. Appropriate to the story and the setting.

What did you think of this week’s episode of Detroit 187? Would you rather see Washington paired with Longford or stay with Fitch? Do you think Washington is like Fitch or like him in certain ways? Tell us what you thought about this episode in the comments below.

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