TOWER PREP “Buffer” Episode 4

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Watch a sneak peek of the upcoming episode of TOWER PREP titled “Buffer” Episode 4 which airs Tuesday November 9 at 8pm on Cartoon Network.

Episode Synopsis: TOWER PREP “Buffer” Episode 4 – Ian tries to get into buffer, a sport played only at Tower Prep that his friends – especially CJ – absolutely love. But, he just can’t get his head around all of the rules, or the fact everyone adores the buffer team captain Cal with whom Ian has a budding rivalry. The rivalry is made worse when Coach gets Ian a job as team manager – effectively making him the `towel boy.” Ian is approached by an opposing buffer coach – Coach History – who thinks Ian’s special skills will make him a natural at the game. Ian initially disagrees but has a change of heart when circumstances lead him to believe that there is a connection between Coach History and The Gnomes. As Ian gets more involved in the sport and the championship game looms, Ian must decide what’s more important to him – being true to his mission and his friends or letting his rivalry with Cal overtake his reasons for playing.

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