THE EVENT “I Know Who You Are” Review

THE EVENT I Know Who You Are

THE EVENT “I Know Who You Are” Season 1 Episode 7 – This week Leila finds out why her father was chosen to fly Avias 514. Among the information he had found while looking into the base in Alaska was a list of names. These turn out to be names of missing children. Meanwhile, the man behind the kidnapping, Vicky and the rest of the Sean/Leila plotline is finally revealed.

Also this week, Thomas stops Simon’s cover from being blown, we find out Sophia is Thomas’ mother, and Sterling’s tragic past is revealed.

I still find it hard to actually care about The Event. The mystery is plodding along nicely and there was one particular moment that really grabbed my interest, but I’m finding it difficult to give a damn about any of the characters. Sterling’s flashback this week definitely helped build up his character, but it’s starting to feel a bit disconnected. Other series have done flashbacks for multiple characters in the past, but there was always some strong connection between them in the present. Here we have flashbacks for people from all sides of the equation. How will knowing how Sean met Leila or Simon left his girlfriend or Sterling lost his spy girlfriend help the plotline? I know it’s an attempt at character building, but I want more from them in the present, not in the past.

The Sterling flashback did call one thing into question though. While the fingerprints were planted by Thomas’ man, we didn’t see Simon’s blood sample get swapped out. Was it? One would assume they sent it to a secure facility for testing, so did Thomas manage to sneak a man in there too, or does Sterling know Simon’s an alien but is choosing to overlook it for some reason?

[ETA: While I don’t remember actually seeing Thomas swap the blood sample, the promotional photographs for this episode seem to show him doing so. My bad.]

Sean and Leila have gone from the more interesting storyline to the least interesting for me. They love each other, they need to find her sister – we get it. All they did this episode was find a guy to decipher a list for them (which, it turns out, wasn’t even a code and didn’t need deciphering – so much for the badass computer).

That pretty much sums up the big problem with this show. There are too many storylines and not enough time for each one. It might not even be that noticeable until you actually think about what you saw. Aside from the above Leila/Sean storyline, there was Sterling thinking Simon was an alien (and then the subsequent framing of someone else) and Thomas telling Sophia that he hasn’t found all the materials needed to get them home. Is that the extent of the plot movement we will be getting each episode? The Event could take a long time to get anywhere.

So I’ll end on a somewhat brighter note. Bad prosthetics aside, the final scene with Samantha entering the room full of children with old faces was well done. It had the tone of a 1970s horror movie and was the only scene from this week’s episode that made me think ‘I have to know more’. If next episode can build on that it’ll be fun to watch.

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