PARENTHOOD “If this Boat Is a Rockin” Review

Parenthood (NBC) Season 2 Cast

PARENTHOOD “If this Boat Is a Rockin’” Season 2 Episode 8 – Doubt and mistakes rule the “”If this Boat Is a Rockin’” episode of PARENTHOOD. Crosby has second thoughts about selling his boat, Sarah accidentally stays out all night with Gordon, and Adam’s anger is eating him alive.

Adam: Adam has been holding so much together for so long that I’m actually relieved to see him starting to fray. He needs to let some of that coiled tension out before it eats him alive. Now, hitting a guy in the supermarket is not an acceptable outlet, no matter how much of an asshole (that’s acceptable on network TV now? Did I miss a memo?) the guy is, but it‘s good to hear him admit it felt good. The scene between Zeek and Adam on the boat is one of the most powerful I can remember on Parenthood. Zeek listens and is as open and forthright as he can be, while Adam finally admits that he is boiling with rage inside because as much as he tries to be in control, he can’t be–not with his life full of Asperger’s and Gordon. Peter Krause plays this one well, his voice rising steadily and I like that we get little glimpses into what life was like with Zeek as a dad. We even get a sweet little scene with Zeek and Camille sitting and talking out of this, so this storyline could have some far-reaching consequences.

Kristina, rather predictably, listens to Adam explain about his anger for about fifteen seconds before making it about her. I understand what she’s saying and it feels real somehow, but what Adam’s going through should be able to take center stage for at least a minute. I also think he needs more of an outlet than sex. Therapy would probably be a really good start.

Sarah: This is a tough one for me because my love for Lauren Graham is deep and abiding, but oh, my, is Sarah annoying in this episode. “Can’t I get one little break?” One, Sarah? I could count fifteen, I think. Sigh. Why wouldn’t Drew and Amber have been upset? I love how they called her on the sneaking in and I’m glad they’re not letting her off the hook right away. Sarah does break her heart when she forlornly lists “He likes me, mom,” as one of her reasons for being with Gordon. Poor lonely Sarah with no self esteem–he’s not the right guy for you. I love her little brats, though.

Crosby and Jasmine: “Honor the boat.” I think Crosby’s decisions mean that much more because he’s struggling so much with them. Adam’s right–it would be a problem if he weren’t scared. I’m always happy to have moments with all the siblings together and the boat as floating brothel scene is a hoot. Sarah’s soft but heartfelt “I’ll help you” to Crosby is my favorite of her lines tonight. She can understand best how hard it is to do the right thing, so she’s the right one to help. Of course Jasmine finds the perfect way to help Crosby honor the boat and help him let go of it. I’m pulling for this little family.

Haddie and Alex: How adorable is Haddie this episode? I love how she’s growing and opening up her world. She’s so brave both kissing Alex and talking to him later and she shows great maturity in how she accepts his revelation that he’s an alcoholic. Sarah Ramos is stellar in her scenes and I don’t buy for a second that Alex is setting aside his feelings. I think this will eventually be an important relationship for both of them and I hope they don’t rush it. I would really like to see a friendship develop before the inevitable romance.

This is a good episode and I like where Parenthood seems to be taking Adam. While I’m enjoying most of the current storylines, Adam’s is the most compelling for me right now. I hope this Gordon-Sarah thing doesn’t last too much longer, and every time I see Drew I’m reminded how much he deserves his own storyline.

What did you think of the episode? How far do you think this Adam losing control story will go?

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