NCIS “Broken Arrow” Review

NCIS (CBS) Broken Arrow

NCIS “Broken Arrow” Season 8 Episode 7 – One of the things we’ve known about Tony from the beginning of this series is that he has daddy issues. For years his father was mentioned only as part of the punch line of a joke – taking his Halloween candy away because little Tony used one of his ski suits as a costume, leaving Tony alone in a hotel suite in Hawaii because he forgot about him. None of these things exactly made the guy father of the year.

Last year we got to meet DiNozzo Sr for the first time and that episode quickly became one of my favorites – first of all because Robert Wagner did an amazing job at portraying Tony’s dad, and secondly because they didn’t resolve the father/son issues between the two of them. I hate to say it but I don’t know if I want the two of them to completely reconcile. Tony without daddy issues just wouldn’t be Tony. Plus I really like the Tony/Gibbs dynamic on the show and I think part of what makes them so close is the fact Tony has those issues with his father.

So I find myself on the fence at the end of this episode because I like Tony with his dad complex but I also like watching him and DiNozzo Sr working it out. Mr. Wagner again did a stupendous job and I would love to see him back anytime. I also got all warm inside at the very end when he and Tony had their little chat and he showed him the picture from the fishing trip.

Overall I’d have to say that I liked this episode, though not quite as much as last year’s “Flesh and Blood”. Not too much can beat that final scene with Tony and Gibbs sharing a steak with their nearly matched pocket knives.

My favorite bits..

Ziva’s joy at getting her US passport. I agree with McGee, no one should look that good in a passport photo.

McGee pulling the Probie card on Ziva and both he and Tony making her go through the trash. Ha!

Gibbs straightening Ducky’s bowtie.

Gibbs sending Ziva after Tony and calling her “Ziver” when he did it. Yay! I don’t think we’ve had a “Ziver” yet this season.

DiNozzo Sr. talking about flying on a GV (stands for Gulfstream Five) reminding me of Tony in season one when he got to ride on one and loved it too.

DiNozzo Sr. telling Gibbs that he accepts that he and Gibbs will NEVER be friends. His emphasis on that word was very clear and the fact that Gibbs all but agreed, boy that said a lot.

McGee defending Tony to Abby by pointing out he didn’t have a normal childhood.

Abby telling McGee Tony should give his dad a chance because she would forgive her dad anything if he were still around. As someone who lost her dad too soon, I totally understand that sentiment.

Gibbs going to talk to DiNozzo Sr without Tony being there to observe from the other side of the glass.

Gibbs asking DiNozzo Sr if he and Tony were ever just honest with each other.

Tony’s uncontrollable shaking while McGee was trying to brief Gibbs. He practically vibrated through the entire episode.

Gibbs telling Tony that he had another agent going with DiNozzo Sr – one that looks better in a dress than he does. I dunno about that, I mean has Gibbs ever actually seen Tony in a dress?

DiNozzo Sr asking if he could make a move with Ziva. Well, I’d rather him than Tony. Sorry, but I just had to say it.

McGee knocking back that Nutter Butter really making me want one, too. Oh man, wrong week to go back on my diet.

McGee telling Tony that he just got a glimpse of his next stepmother. LOL.

Gibbs taking a second to kiss Abby for her findings before running back into MTAC.

DiNozzo Sr punching the guy in the face and asking to borrow Tony’s handcuffs. Now there’s a request I bet Tony never thought he’d hear.

Tony and his dad finally getting to the truth about the money thing.

DiNozzo Sr pulling out the picture of him and little Tony on the fishing trip. So totally cute I could just die.

Alright, so what did you think of this episode of NCIS? Got any favorite bits or least favorite bits of your own? What did you think of the return of DiNozzo Sr? Do you want to see him come back again? I’d love to hear from you!

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