HAWAII FIVE-0 “Mana’O” Review

Hawaii Five-0 (CBS) Mana'O

HAWAII FIVE-0 “Mana’O” Season 1 Episode 8 – So far in this series, McGarrett’s been the one who Danny has had to hold back – threatening to throw suspects off of buildings, actually throwing them into shark-infested waters – that’s his style. In this episode it was nice to see that Danny’s got a little bit of that in him, too. Tying a guy to a car and driving around the city with him? That was great. Not that I blame him, after all he’d just found out that his ex-partner was brutally murdered and roasted as a “pig”.

What I liked about this episode is that it took Danny out of control and that’s not something he’s used to nor are we used to seeing from him. Danny is always in control, all the way down to his tie and button-down shirts, he stays in control. It was interesting to see what could take him so far away from his norm and I also liked how, for the most part, the team completely backed him up. McGarrett needed a little convincing, but once he realized he would do the same for Danny, he was fighting just as hard as his partner.

My favorite bits..

Danny’s whole story about what happened to “Dolphin Trainer Annie” (cutest name for a doll, ever).

Dichen Lichman as the widow. Absolutely adored her on Dollhouse and so happy to see her on such a great show.

Danny telling McGarrett that he had “a face” and calling him Oprah.

McGarrett saying telling Danny he was so happy he didn’t work with a hothead. LOL.

The guys discussing which of the goons they would take on if things went bad and not being able to settle it because both of them were ugly. LOL.

Bronson Pinchot as Bastille. Man, they sure are getting some really good guest stars on this show.

McGarrett asking Danny for a free pass the next time he wanted to do something crazy with a suspect… as they drove around with Bastille tied to the roof of the car. LOL!

Chin telling Danny that he really admired what he was doing for his partner, because no one did it for him.

This bit:
Danny: “You look horrible.”
Sing Man: “I’ve been in solitary for 30 days, what’s your excuse?”

Danny making McGarrett pause when he asked him if IA presented a stack of evidence against Danny, would he believe he was corrupt and McGarrett knew without a doubt that he wouldn’t. Loved that bit for so many reasons, not only because it made McGarrett realize why Danny was fighting so hard but also because it showed how much they both trust each other.

Danny telling Bastille to shut up or he was gonna go hood-surfing again, but this time with no cord.

McGarrett’s smirk when he told Danny he liked him without his tie. Um yeah, me too.

Bastille coming up with “Christopher” and “Wallace” as names for McGarrett and Danny. LOL.

Suspecting Kaleo as soon as he shot the Ochoa when no one else was around.

McGarrett and Chin sharing a look before he stopped Danny from pulverizing the Kaleo’s face. I felt like the two of them were deciding to let Danny go ahead and get a few punches in as they knew it would make him feel better.

Danny keeping his word and taking the Sang Min to see his wife and son.

The sight of Danny and McGarrett in their dress uniforms.

The IA guy saluting the widow.

Danny putting the badge on the little boy.

Overall I liked this episode and though I’ll be happy to see Danny get back to his button-downed normal self again, I did enjoy this foray into another side of his character.

What did you think of this episode of Hawaii Five-0? Got any favorite bits or least favorite bits of your own? I’d love to hear from you!

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