CSI: MIAMI “Reality Kills” Review

CSI: MIAMI (CBS) Reality Kills

CSI: MIAMI “Reality Kills” Season 9 Episode 6 – In this week’s episode of CSI: MIAMI Horatio and team are called to a crime scene where a reality TV Star has been killed.

The show being filmed seemed to be something ripped directly from Jersey Shore, which um… should never be mixed with CSI: Miami.

That being said, my overall opinion of “Reality Kills” was positive. There wasn’t a lot of over the top computer workings, no completely unbelievable science experiments in the lab – instead the team was just left with their instincts and training to solve the case.

I appreciate that. While the bells and whistles of the lab (and sometimes even the back of the team’s crime scene van) are fun to watch sometimes, it tends to take away from the actual point of the show – that these characters are trained professionals that CAN do their job well without relying solely on a computer.

The reality TV aspect of this week’s CSI: Miami was something that really interested me. I’m not an avid watcher (or even a casual watcher for that matter) of reality TV. The best I can say is I’ll catch Ghost Hunters when it airs if I’m around, but other than that, I avoid it like the plague, and CSI confirmed why.

While it has “reality” in the title, how do we really know that any portion of it is real and not completely staged? Like we saw this week, all the characters were actually NOTHING like the parts they played in the “reality” show, down to the main heartthrob being a virgin.

I have to say, even though it was scripted, and part of a fictional TV series, going “behind the scenes” so to speak made me remember why I don’t watch reality TV.

My opinion of other television genres aside, anyone else thing that Horatio maybe needs to just take a deep breath and calm down sometimes? Threatening to kill a suspect has to be something that’s frowned upon.

Over all “Reality Kills” was entertaining (it’s fun to see the shows that I watch mirror the pop culture world) and fun to watch. It didn’t break out of the CSI: Miami mold, but that’s not why we watch the show, right?

What say you?

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