CHASE “Posse” Review


CHASE “Posse” Season 1 Episode 7 – Interesting dilemma they bring up in this episode when a guy takes it upon himself to act like a US Marshall and take down criminals. It didn’t seem so bad when he was going after sex offenders or pedophiles, but when he starts shooting innocent bystanders, you realize there’s a reason why people aren’t allowed to take the law into their own hands.

When I was involved in an interview with Chase creator Jennifer Johnson, I remember being surprised when she mentioned that being able to form a posse is a power still possessed by US Marshalls. So I thought it was pretty cool that they wrote that into the show. McGraw not only impersonates a Marshall but then deputizes his own posse to help keep Annie and her team off his trail. That’s definitely something I didn’t see coming and the team having to chase a guy who’s nearly as trained as they are was cool to watch. It kept everyone on their toes and made this chase a bit more exciting than normal.

My favorite bits…

The team’s reaction to finding out that Luke knew the Congressman.

Jimmy suggesting that McGraw might have a Napoleon complex.

The girl’s dad telling Annie that his daughter never got to open her envelope from Princeton.

Jimmy pointing out to McGraw’s mother that US Marshalls don’t borrow their mother’s campers for assignments. I don’t know why, but that like made me giggle.

McGraw having the balls to call in the local news and make an “official” statement.

The team meeting up with McGraw’s posse.

Knowing as soon as Annie put her badge down and her dog didn’t move that McGraw was in her place.

Annie pointing out that McGraw didn’t have any pictures of girls in his place, either.

McGraw getting Annie to deputize him so that he could officially be a Marshall. Wow, that’s pretty freaking smart. Sure, it didn’t mean a damn thing but you gotta admire the fact that he kept trying.

The fact that Annie didn’t use up precious time to take off her handcuffs before going after McGraw.

McGraw calling in for backup and giving them the license plate for Annie’s car. Clever.

Annie shooting McGraw (knowing full well he was wearing Kevlar) and taking back her badge.

Jimmy and Daisy discussing leaving the creep hanging from the balcony. LOL.

Overall I liked this episode because it really challenged the team, plus it gave us a little more info on Luke’s background. I’m also glad they didn’t make a big deal out of Luke and Daisy sleeping together as I still think it’s a little soon for that kind of stuff.

What did you think of this episode of Chase? Got any favorite bits or least favorite bits of your own? I’d love to hear from you!

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