BURN NOTICE “Eyes Open” Advance Review

Burn Notice (USA) Eyes Open

BURN NOTICE “Eyes Open” Season 4 Episode 13 – Ads have been promising “The team’s back” for weeks and since I was lucky enough to see the “Eyes Open” of BURN NOTICE early, I can tell you that while the team may be battered, it’s definitely back and ready to get back on the hunt for Simon’s bible.

To catch up: at the end of summer finale “Guilty as Charged,” Jesse shot Michael to kill the person holding him captive after Vaughn’s team interrupted the meeting with Barrett. Barrett then took Michael with him as he tried to escape, so Michael crashed their SUV and a man wearing military boots walked off with the briefcase holding Simon’s bible. In “Eyes Open,” we pick up the action with Michael unconscious in the hospital, an impatient Fiona by his side. I don’t think I’m spoiling much by telling you that before the first ten minutes are up, a weak but determined Michael says “It’s time to get back to work.”

As with most episodes this season, action is split between the ongoing arc of Simon’s bible and the client of the week. Barrett’s fate is revealed and there`s an interesting development involving Vaughn, but Michael’s focus is on figuring out who took the bible.

The case of the week begins with an explosion in South Beach that leads Michael to a bad news partnership between a less than stable Dexter wannabe who specializes in bombs and someone we’ve seen before. A visibly hurting Michael has to adapt his usual approach in new ways and Jesse makes a quick decision that actually makes me gasp.

Character-wise, there are some wonderful Michael-Maddie moments here, especially when she asks him what she probably thought was a fairly simple question. Both his answer and her reaction are surprising but completely in character. Michael and Fiona are very much still Michael and Fiona, which is exactly how I like them. Things are, not surprisingly, still tense with Jesse. I know not everyone is a Jesse fan, but I like him, and he shares some good scenes with Michael and especially Fiona (they are especially hilarious in a parking garage scene). This is a fairly Sam-light episode (I know-boo!), but he does get to awesomely ask, “Do you guys have any duct tape?”

“Eyes Open” is a solid follow-up to the summer finale and I think it opens up some strong storyline possibilities for the rest of Burn Notice‘s season.

Once you’ve watched Burn Notice on USA this Thursday, November 11 at 10pm/9 central, I hope you’ll come back and post what you thought about it. Where are you on the Jesse issue? Do you like him as part of the team or not?

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