WEEDS “Fran Tarkenton” Advance Review

WEEDS "Fran Tarkenton"

WEEDS “Fran Tarkenton” Season 6 Episode 12 – Storylines come to a head in the “Fran Tarkenton” episode of WEEDS, as Andy continues trying to get passports, Doug takes a surprising trip, and Nancy must decide how much of her story to tell Vaughn. I had a chance to watch the episode early, and while some of it feels a bit disjointed, I think it puts all the necessary pieces in place for a strong finale next week.

We pick up where “Viking Pride” left off, with Nancy talking to Vaughn’s video camera. Am I the only one shocked that he’s a reporter? Even after the too personal interview with Jill in “To Moscow, and Quickly” I still thought the FBI was behind the camera, but I knew Esteban might be a possibility. I never considered a reporter from San Diego. There’s some good back and forth between Nancy and Vaughn, and he’s a worthy adversary for her, calling her out in a way few do, and Vaughn scores extra points for using word clouds.

I really like Lars and am glad he’s being fleshed out a bit. Poor Silas: he needs a father and as much as he loved Judah, he also likes Lars, who’s not only here, but is a seemingly sane alternative to Nancy. Their scenes together are surprisingly touching, and while I realize the timeline and math are more than a little iffy in terms of possible paternity, I’m happy to let it go because of the possible ramifications.

Andy’s storyline veers into silly, slightly bizarre territory that feels a bit out of place, like the writers wanted to force some humor into the episode. While I appreciate the effort and enjoy Andy’s interaction with Hooman the “douche,” I also could have done without much of this. Anyway, Warren provides enough silly humor, I think, as we learn the depths of his obsession with Nancy and see what’s in his locked room.

Doug’s trip to get his passport takes an unexpected turn, throwing his future plans into doubt. This is an interesting twist and I’m glad to see Kevin Nealon get some non-stoner stuff to play. Shane is mostly in the background this episode, though he gets one of the funniest shout-outs of the season.

All in all, this is mostly a good set-up for next week’s finale. The cliffhanger at the end may not be unexpected, but it’s still effective, and I’m looking forward to seeing how things shake out. It’s been a long, occasionally frustrating road this season of Weeds, but I’m still invested in these characters, and for the most part I’m still having fun with the show.

After you watched Weeds tonight at 10pm/9 central, I hope you’ll come back and post what you think. What are your predictions for the finale?

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