THE X FACTOR “Results Show 5” Review

X Factor Results Show 5

THE X FACTOR UK “Results Show 5” – Welcome back to the results show of The X Factor. Has Paije donned his last bowtie? Will Wagner head back to Brazil? Will Katie leave us once and for all? Let’s find out, after these montages.

The group song is Pink’s So What and, well, what can I say about it? It’s good. Entertaining even. Unless you have some cookies in the cupboard, in which case I’d advise you use the time and go for them instead.

Shayne Ward (remember him? No? Didn’t think so) sings Gotta Be Somebody. He sings it on a big wedge. The judges are so bored they’ve flicked on The Matrix behind him.

Kylie sings a song called Better Than Today. She and her sister must share cheeks. It’s not quite unsurprisingly a terrible song. Is she singing? Does that even matter?

Results. Katie and Treyc are in the bottom two.

Treyc sings Unbreak My Heart. My God, someone take the microphone off her! The wailing! The wailing!

Katie sings Please Don’t Give Up an once again she’s far better choosing her own song than Cheryl. See Treyc, you sang a song about a broken relationship. Katie is singing to the judges. The parallels are much more obvious, and everyone likes a good parallel.

Simon votes for the more interesting performer instead of the better singer (by that he means he votes for the column inches and tabloid covers) so he sends Treyc home. Cheryl refuses to vote. Danni sends Katie home and Louis sends Treyc home. Which means Treyc goes home. Tears and more montages and I’m not realy surprised. She gives a big thank you which makes me feel a bit bad for not caring that she’s gone.

Are you devastated? Indifferent? Delighted? Alliterated? (That is totally a word. Trust me.) Let me know in the comments below!

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