The Walking Dead (AMC) Guts Episode 2

THE WALKING DEAD “Guts” Season 1 Episode 2 – As much as I liked last week’s episode, it was not as thrilling as you would think a zombie show would be. The ending was exciting, and the voice over the intercom promised even more excitement. Unfortunately it did not deliver.

Let’s get to Dixon first. Dixon is a skinhead with a sniper. He is a scumbag. But he screams cliche. He beats up the black guy (without provocation of course) until our good ole hero sheriff Rick Grimes takes control of the situation and handcuffs Dixon to a pipe. This is because Grimes is fierce. Glen compares Grimes to Clint Eastwood and he is right: Grimes is like Eastwood-lite. Eastwood without the magnetic air of wild unpredictability.

Who is left to look after Dixon? The black guy he beat up. This defies logic, but of course nothing defies logic quite like the attempt to release him in the end, even though it failed.

Grimes and the blonde chick remain behind. She has a sister who likes mermaids and dragons and fairies. He tells her not to leave her safety on. This is called bonding. Her sister also happens to be with the same camp Grimes’ wife, son and ex-partner are with. This is call unbelievable coincidink.

I thought Dixon was the lowpoint of the episode. Then came alone the zombie chopping. In order to mask their smell, they cover themselves with the remains of a zombie. This was cool but didn’t they just say zombies could see? Yes? No? Someone want to tell me exactly what senses the zombies have?

Also, I’m concerned this show is heading into the PUW territory: pretty useless woman. Blonde chick doesn’t realize her safety’s off. Em, how long has she been allowed to hold a gun? Then Glen doesn’t really give an excuse why he doesn’t want either woman to go into the sewers with him, but instead takes broad shouldered guy (the episode did nothing to establish any of the characters aside, possibly, Glen who disappeared at the end of the episode) screams misogyny, which is fine: who would you rather have creep into the dark and dangerous sewers, a girl who doesn’t know when her safety’s off or a human shield? But by pretending there are other reasons, it goes from common sense to sexist which is just annoying.

It was an episode I didn’t really enjoy. There were some entertaining parts. The actual walk through the zombie plagued streets was quite exciting and would have been brilliant had I really cared for either Grimes or Glen’s survival. What did you think of the episode? Sound off in the comments below.

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