THE TRIP “L’Enclume” Review

The Trip (BBC)
THE TRIP “L’Enclume” Episode 2 – Another week another restaurant in THE TRIP and we’re back for seconds following Steve Coogan and Rob Brydon on their fine dining tour of the North, sharing jokes and trading insults.

There is something familiar, or rather exactly the same, about this week’s episode as Coogan and Brydon gently bicker in between courses, this time enjoying a taster menu at top French eatery L’Enclume.

The impersonations, the idle chat and the easy banter all return and the result is half an hour very much like last week and I’m predicting pretty similar to the next four installments. If you didn’t like the opener of The Trip then find something else to watch at 10pm on a Monday because it’s more of the same.

I however love it! I love that nothing much goes on, that 30 minutes fly by without anything really happening. It feels like time spent with mates down the pub, the impressions becoming funnier with each bottle of wine.

The actual meal to be reviewed is merely a stage for the two to bounce their James Bond impersonations off each other. There is more of an attempt to critique the food, Brydon commenting one of the dishes “has a consistency like…snot” as Coogan barks at him to drink it in his best Ray Winstone. Then when asked if they enjoyed the dish they both chime “yeah lovely, very nice” a quintessentially British aversion to telling the truth to waiters matched only by asking taxi drivers how long they’ve been on for.

Between discussing what plastic surgery they’d have and how to get their best side in pictures the two discuss favourite actors. Coogan seemingly slurring his words delivers a brilliant Liam Neeson and dissects Richard Gere’s acting style while Brydon wins the impersonation of the week award with a bang on Stephen Hawking.

The final stage of The Trip was distinctly more melancholic as a neurotic Coogan paces on the phone to his agent while Brydon chats happily with his wife, hinting that there might be an emotional thread to this odd couple comedy. I’m looking forward to seeing it develop, after all they can’t just do Al Pacino impressions every week…can they!?

What did you think of this week’s The Trip? Laughing out loud or bored by the banter? Let us know in the comment box below!