THE SIMPSONS “Treehouse of Horror XXI” Review

THE SIMPSONS - Daniel Radcliffe as Edmund | Treehouse of Horror XXI

THE SIMPSONS “Treehouse of Horror XXI” Season 22 Episode 4 – Remember when The Simpsons’ Halloween episodes were an occasion? They were event television and everyone would gather around the television every year, before going out trick or treating, to find out what the mishaps the family were getting into now? Not anymore. Coming a week after Halloween, which sort of defeats the purpose, this was yet another Treehouse of Horrors episode, yet another mildly funny episode of The Simpsons. It’s not that they’re not really trying it’s just that the energy has left the show. After twenty two years, it’s to be expected.

My favorite part of Bart’s rather unfunny psychadelic computer games meets board games was when he kicked the mouse trap stick because let’s face it, that always gets caught. And yes, it is the most annoyingly addictive lame game.

Homer and Marge’s story found the married couple on a yacht where they find a man with a six pack who claims to have been a victim of a mass poisoning. I thought the best part about this story was Baby Maggie’s A Clockwork Orange make up and hat were priceless.

I thought the Twilight’s Tweenlight tribute was quite funny, especially the skit where Edmund (the vampire, voiced by Daniel Radcliffe) carried her up a tree. Unfortunately there are so many spoofs and parodies of Twilight that this one didn’t add anything. Homer, to prove how much he loves Lisa, allows Edmund and his vampire father to suck his blood, which winds up killing both Edmund and his father because it’s full of cholestoral.

It was a decent episode of The Simpsons, not quite as funny as it could have been, no where near as funny as The Simpsons used to be at its pinnacle.

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