THE BIG C “Everything That Rises Must Converge” Advance Review

THE BIG C "Everything That Rises Must Converge"

THE BIG C “Everything that Rises Must Converge” Season 1 Episode 12 – Cathy and Todd take a road trip while Paul continues to deal with Cathy’s cancer in his own way in the “Everything that Rises Must Converge” episode of THE BIG C. I had a chance to watch it early and I think it’s a very good, very bittersweet episode.

Paul and Cathy’s fresh start is firmly in character for both of them with a push-pull that will make for an interesting long-term storyline, not just in terms of their marriage, but in how their separate characters develop. It also shows Cathy’s cancer from a different perspective and we have to think about whether or not Cathy’s needs and wants trump all or if Paul gets a say. Should he?

Cathy takes a trip to Canada for some alternative medicine with a doubtful Todd along for the ride. Liam Neeson is fun as the Bee Man, though I’m not entirely sure his portrayal will be well-received by everyone. I’m ambivalent about the Cathy-Todd storyline, but I love most of the Cathy development in this episode.

Adam’s bus stop buddy Mia makes a welcome return, and it’s nice to see Adam have something good in his life. Cathy has a scene re: Adam which is so painful/great I couldn’t stop cringing and laughing.

Marlene has always been one the most interesting characters on The Big C (and my favorite), and that certainly holds true here. We learned last week that she was probably so understanding of Cathy’s decision to keep her cancer quiet because she was keeping her own disease secret, too, so she was in no place to judge. As usual, she is the voice of reason even as her Alzheimer’s storyline takes center stage when she places someone in danger. Phyllis Somerville is a wonderful actress and she is spot-on in every scene.

Randomly: “Cancierge” is a terrific word and if the cluelessness of Cathy’s class has any basis in reality, we’re in even more trouble than I thought. Speaking of her class, this is two Andrea-less episodes in a row-boo, Also, Sean’s feet are positively revolting.

In many ways, this episode could serve as a season finale for The Big C, but I’m glad it doesn’t because while there’s a shot in the final montage that shows just how far some of the characters have come in relation to each other, I think they still have a bit more to do before summer ends in Minnesota.

After you’ve watched The Big C tonight on Showtime at 10:30pm/9:30 central, I really hope you’ll come back and post what you thought. There’s a lot to talk about.

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