Olivia Wilde to Return to HOUSE

Olivia Wilde | House
Good news for Thirteen fans–actress Olivia Wilde recently confirmed that she’ll be returning to FOX’s House sometime this season. Wilde told Entertainment Weekly that her return is a done deal.

“I am coming back to House. This season, as a matter of fact. It is a done deal,” Wilde told EW. “I have been really lucky this year to be offered all these great film opportunities and I was also blessed to have a job in TV that really worked with me to get me to a place where I could do those films and not miss those opportunities like Tron.

“They have it all worked out and the viewers will find out where she went and why she left,” Wilde continued. “I think it is an interesting progression for her. Thirteen has been through a lot so it has to be escalated. She has Huntington’s. She had a brain tumor and went blind. She had a bad breakup. She’s sexually ambiguous. She had problems with drugs. I thought, `What else can (creator) David Shore possibly come up with?’ They had to take it to a whole new level. They are really taking some big risks this year, which is exciting.”

Wilde had taken a leave of absence from the show this season to film roles in the upcoming Tron: Legacy and Cowboys and Aliens. She’s currently filming The Change Up with Ryan Reynolds, Leslie Mann, and Jason Bateman.

Amber Tamblyn makes her debut as the newest member of House’s team on tonight’s episode. Check out our advance review here.

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