DOWNTON ABBEY “Episode 7” Review

Downton Abbey Episode 7

DOWNTON ABBEY “Episode 7” Season 1 Episode 7- I don’t know how I’ll survive without a weekly dose of Maggie Smith’s sharp tongue. This week the future of Downton Abbey is thrown into the air when it is discovered that Cora is pregnant. Another girl, and Matthew will still inherit, but if she gives birth to a boy…

Mary finds out that it was Edith who gossiped about the Turkish fellow and war breaks out between the two sisters when Edith calls Mary a slut. Mary gets her back by getting rid of the man she loves, the only man who has ever shown any interest in her.

Mrs Bird, the replacement cook, is delightfully horrible to Mrs Patmore. Mrs Patmore enlists Daisy to sabotage Mrs Bird’s food whilst she and Anna head to London, courtesey of the Earl of Grantham. Of course Daisy does this, but surprisingly Mrs Bird reacts kindly and praises her for her loyalty.

It was terribly sad to see Mrs Patmore so weak and scared in the hospital, away from the safety and familiarity of her kitchen. But it gave Anna an excuse to venture around London and have a look into Bates’ past.

I love that Downton Abbey is the type of show where the good guys can say things like: “My maid is leaving to get married. How could she be so selfish?”

Sybil finally gets Gwen the job as secretary with the telephone installer. I think Branson and Sybil would make quite an interesting couple; I am really happy that Sybil isn’t fawning after Matthew, who is a bit of a bore by comparison. I loved it when Carson practised answering the phone.

Mrs O’Brien reaches new heights of sheer evilness when she leaves soap on the floor while Cora is taking a bath. Cora loses the baby, which was a boy. William finally punches Thomas’ smug stupid face.

I’m sure this won’t be the end of Matthew and Mary. Matthew refuses to be a puppet. Carson gives Mary an awesome hug.

Of course war breaks out at the end of the episode. Of course England has ofen warred with other countries, but I doubt anyone has a clue just what devastation the Great War will cause.

We’ll have to find out (sniff) next year.

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