DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES “A Humiliating Business” Review

Desperate Housewives "Humiliating Business" (ABC)

DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES “A Humiliating Business” Season 7 Episode 7 – When Bree faints whilst out with Keith, she finds out that she has menopause. Her usual doctor is off on maternity leave. Of course you know instantly that Keith’s mother is the doctor in question. The entire scene was delightfully squirmy. Keith’s mother gets unreasonably drunk and annoying.

Gabby is disappointed when Bob is not the stereotypical gay companion she thought he was. He doesnt know who Dolce is and he doesn’t like ballet. Instead he’s into college ball and beer, which means he and Carlos bond. When Bob’s boyfriend Lee plants doubts in Gabby’s head and she becomes convinced that Bob is trying to flip Carlos. It turns into a angsty moment for Bob, who, ever since Lee left, has been very lonely. Gabby relents and allows Carlos to go with Bob on the weekend golf outing.

Renee and Lynette band together and start up an interior designing business. I thought Susan interjecting in the business deal was a tad ridiculous, especially with the dirty laundry in her hands.

Meanwhile, Paul’s wife proves herself cunning when she coerces Paul’s cell mate into revealing Paul’s plot to make the people on Wisteria Lane suffer. Since they’re talking collectively, I wonder if there’s a bomb involved, or whether it’ll turn into a Ten Little Indians game.

In the end, Bree breaks up with Keith because she doesn’t want children. Keith refuses to allow them to break up, but the expiration date on their relationship is ticking and soon Brian Austen Green will be leaving the show.

Gabby plays matchmaker, which is a relief since I honestly didn’t realize Bob and Lee and broken up until this episode. I guess they had, but not any more. They immediately begin making out.

Predictably, we find out who Beth’s mother is: Felicia Tilman. Had you any doubts?

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