BOARDWALK EMPIRE “Hold Me In Paradise” Review

BOARDWALK EMPIRE "Hold Me in Paradise" (HBO)

BOARDWALK EMPIRE “Hold Me In Paradise” Season 1 Episode 8 – Eli fills in for Nucky whilst the latter is in Chicago for the Republican party convention.

I loved watching Margaret finally stand up to Lucy, but in a weird way it wasn’t quite as satisfying as I would have hoped. Lucy, brought down to the dregs without Nucky paying her way, is just a pitiful, drunken, slurring Lucy.

I am really happy that Angela (Jimmy’s common law wife) is getting some screen time, and with his mother and son and her girlfriend at her sides, she is quickly turning into one of the more interesting characters in a very peculiar situation. She is almost broke, with no income. Van Alden has been intercepting the money Jimmy has been sending home.

I loved the direction that went into the dinner between Van Alden and his wife. I loved the eeriness of the scene. Van Alden is conflicted: for $270, the cost of the surgery, he may finally get his son. In his drawer, he happens to have the money. But that money is Jimmy’s and Van Alden is conflicted. Eventually he does send the money…to Angela, and a letter to his wife.

Nucky meets Jimmy when he meets Torrio. Nucky, not knowing that Van Alden has intercepted Jimmy’s money, tells him “next time you buy a new wristwatch, don’t. Send them the money instead.” Jimmy, who has been sending money, is left to wonder what Nucky is on about. I love the relationship between Nucky and Jimmy. Jimmy is totally in charge until the moment he sees Nucky. Then his shoulders drop, his hands hang uselessly at his side.

Eli is shot in the in the stomach by Italians, who are controlled by Rothstein. They’re also the same people who lynched Chalky’s man. Nucky puts his faith in Margaret, which I didn’t really expect, and he has her safeguard his office, making sure to hide a ledger book. Da da dum!

Nucky asks Jimmy to return, which is certain to be interesting to see what happens between between him and Angela. Reluctantly (but perhaps not so reluctantly) Jimmy decides to return home to Nucky. Or so I assume.

Before heading home, Nucky backstabs Senator Edge by dealing with Daughtery and getting him off the vice presidential ticket. Talk about payback: “The only chance you could have of entering the White House is on a guided fucking tour.” Snap!

It was a very Biblical episode with strong references from both Van Alden’s storyline and, more subtedly, Margaret’s. She is Eve. As she opens the red ledger, she’s taking a bite out of the apple. She knows everything about Nucky. She has knowledge. And if he ever double crosses her, Nucky is screwed.

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