DEXTER “Circle Us” Advance Review

DEXTER “Circle Us” Season 5 Episode 7 Advance Review – Now that Dexter has decided to help Lumen find all of the guys involved in the kidnap, torture, rape and death scheme, how will he go about it? Will he be able to stay one step ahead of the unknown men and also keep from getting caught by Deb or Quinn? How much will he involve Lumen in his plan to deal with these men?

Dexter has his work cut out for him. Never before have we seen him pulled in so many different directions and with so much uncertainty. Yes, he has always had to hide his murders, but he he has never had anyone that actually knew, not only that he murdered, but who, why and where. While Dexter has always had to keep that side of his life a secret, he now finds himself having to keep the “normal” part of his life a secret from Lumen. How long can Dexter go on lying to every single person he knows, including his nanny, before he slips up? Although there is nothing in this episode as intense as the near crossing of Dexter’s escaped killing target and Deb and Masuka, the effects are still lingering.

Tonight we find Dexter and Lumen working together to figure out the identities of the remaining men involved in her torture. This proves quite difficult as Lumen was mostly blindfolded during these events. However, the descriptions she is able to provide go a long way to possibly identifying two men who get practically dumped in Dexter’s lap. Although one would think that a circle of men involved in such sick and sadistic behavior would be more calculated and prepared, we find that scared men all act the same. I really like this continuing plot with Lumen. Even though at times it mirrors the plot of Hostel, I think it is not overplayed too much and provides continuity and a nemesis for Dexter to focus on. More importantly, it provides a partner for Dexter. Lumen is more of a partner than Rita ever could have been and I think she is the right balance of imbalance and naivety for Dexter. Plus, she is not afraid to kill. The question is, though, what happens after they succeed in their mission and there is no one left to kill? Can Lumen ever go back to the person she was before? Will she want to remain the person she has become?

The episode also focused on developments in the Fuentes brothers case. Their informant, however, was not quite informed which makes their next stakeout less fruitful than the last. Deb and Quinn are still seeing each other and he wants to take it to the next level. Deb, as usual, doesn’t want anyone to know. Does anyone at the department think that Deb dates anyone other than someone at the department? Really that is her entire history.

I definitely thought that tonight’s episode was good. Nothing can beat last week’s episode and near catch of Dexter, but this one is pretty close. The developments in the hunt for Lumen’s captors were exciting, especially the additon of Jonny Lee Miller as Jordan Chase. I didn’t even recognize him at first. He plays a great charasmatic motivational speaker that seems a bit off. Now if they would only drop the Batista and Maria plot and the Fuentes brothers murder plot, I would be much happier. I think that is my same gripe every week. Tune in to Dexter tonight at 9 pm on Showtime to watch “Circle Us” then come back here and tell me what you thought in the comments below.

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